His Marvelous Light Ministries'

by Pastor David J. Berwick

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'Why Do I Suffer?" November, 2021 Watch Sermon
"The Acid Test" October, 2021 Watch Sermon
"Conformity" September, 2021 Watch Sermon
"A Dangerous Counterfeit" August, 2021 Watch Sermon
"Don't Be Fooled!" July, 2021 Watch Sermon
"Point of No Return" June, 2021 Coming Soon
"We Would See Jesus" May, 2021 Coming Soon
"The Deadly Trap of Formalism" April, 2021 Coming Soon
"Decoding The Enemy's Plans" March, 2021 Coming Soon
"Sanctification" February, 2021 Coming Soon
"A New Commandment" January, 2021 Coming Soon