Dear Friends,

   We are a very small ministry serving the prison communities with a Pen Pal program.  We no longer offer courses / study materials.  We have been requested to ask that you send a personal Bible and study material to the following individual.  We really appreciate our brothers and sisters in Christ who provide these services to our inmate population.  Keep up the fine work, your reputation for great studies has prompted this request.  Love in Christ, ~ Director from a Prison Ministry in Texas

Dear Sirs,

   Thank you for sending me your monthly newsletter.  I sure enjoy it, and it is very informative.  As a new Christian I'm excited to pass along the truth of God's Word that He is revealing to me every single day as I seek His face daily while I am incarcerated.  Trying to talk to other professing Christians that are blinded and in confusion (spiritual Babylon) is hard and sometimes frustrating to do, but I remind myself that I was a blind as they were until a brother tutored me.  It took over five months to slowly have the Lord open my eyes after searching His Word and studying every day until I fully know now that we must keep the Ten Commandments.  Anyway, I have a great need for some of your booklets to help me reach out to other inmates here.  May God truly and richly bless you and the volunteers that are involved in His Marvelous Light.  Yours Truly, ~ Florida Prison

To the Staff of HMLM,

   A friend has asked me to ask you all to put him in your test series and study.  It pleases me to introduce him to you.  I only wish more would try to seek Jesus as we are trying earnestly to do.  I know that I'm going home soon, and I don't fear that fact.  With that my soul is at ease.  But I don't want to ease up on my study of God's Word now or when I'm released.  I'm praying that Jesus will walk even more closely with me.  Now, I feel some kind of freedom, even though I'm still in here.  That can only be the Spirit that dwells in me.  I pray that God continues to bless you all at HMLM, and that you pray for me.  Pray that I may be able to help someone that's worse off than I am or was.  Thank you!  You people at HMLM are God sent indeed!  Love and Blessings ~ Louisiana Prison

Dear Friends at His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I was able to read one of your latest newsletters through a friend and I would like to be added to your mailing list to receive further newsletters or any other spiritual booklets or pamphlets you make available to prisoners.  Thank you for your help. Grace & peace be with ya!  Sincerely ~ AZ Prison

To Whom it May Concern,

   I hope that this letter finds everyone in the best of health, also in God's loving care.  Before I begin, let me give all honor, praise, and thanks to our heavenly Father for all things that He has done for me.  I was talking with another brother in Christ and I asked him about the Bible he had, and he told me that you sent it to him.  I would surely be grateful for one, as I try to grow spiritually close to our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.  So, I'll end my letter, but never my love, especially not my prayers for you and the rest of my fellow brothers and sisters.  Love always ~ Louisiana Prison

My Dear Brethren,

   I thank God for you and His Marvelous Light Ministries!  I pray daily for all the true saints of God, those that are obedient to His Word.  You are right in your teachings of God's law.  Others don't even teach the Saturday Sabbath.  I surely will be spreading the truth.  Thank you so much for bringing God's truth to light!  Yours in Christ, ~ California Prison

Hello Family in Jesus,

   Happy Sabbath!  Once again your study came on time for me to honor the Sabbath!  I just love to do a study that makes me more aware that I'm growing closer to God!  I really enjoyed your response to my letter, and I thank you for your praers.  Please continue to keep me and my family in mind when you go before the Throne of grace in prayer, and I will do the same for the family of HMLM.  I know that God hears and answers prayers and that He's still working miracles.  I'm so glad for Bible studies like yours that is not afraid to tell the truth.  I long to fellowship with all my brothers here, even though most of them still won't accept the fact that Jesus did not do away with His laws, but showed us through his example that we can keep them, including the fourth - the Sabbath!  I pray that my walk will bring them to His marvelous light as I know that this is what God desires.  Thank you once again for everything!  God's Love ~ Louisiana Prison

Dear HMLM,

   I am in inmate in the local prison.  I would like to receive your free Bible Correspondence Study course!  Thank you, and God bless! ~ Pennsylvania Prison

Dear Brothers and Sisters of HMLM,

   Over the past two years, because of your faithful work for the Lord, I have come from the confusion and deceit of the Protestant churches to a beautifully clear understanding of the knowledge our God so lovingly allowed us.  I no longer walk in the ways of the world while professing to love Christ and claim to be saved.  The books you sent our little group peeled the scales from our eyes, and separated those from our group that do not truthfully love God.  I was taught to believe that we "are only human" so we can't stop sinning.  What a deception and contradiction of our Lord's words!  I thank God for His people in HMLM that turned on the light here at this prison!  I thank you so deeply for the help your ministry has provided for us.  I can sincerely say you led me into the truth, and what value can I place on my soul?  Praise God!  I pray for each of you and thank God for you - all of you! ~ Utah Prison


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