Greetings Wonderful People!

   I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy in your work for God above.  He has done some wonderful things in my life, and I attribute a great deal of that to His Marvelous Light Ministries.  Some time ago in 1998 I wrote to your ministry and asked for an received a Bible package with the Great Controversy and I was continuing with your Bible study course until I was shipped across the state.  However, I have continued my studies with the Bible that you sent me.  It is starting to show a pretty good amount of wear now, but a Bible that doesn't look that way is a Bible that hasn't had many hands on it!  Now not a day goes by that I do not pick up my Bible that you sent me and think of your ministry and what you and God above have done for me!  This is a letter to say 'Thank You' for what you've done for me!  Also, enclosed is the name and address of a friend of mine who really wants to get started on your studies also!  Thank you, and God bless you all! ~ Louisiana Prison

Dear HMLM Staff,

   The power of the Holy Spirit is working in this unit!  We have to meet at the yard because of the chaplain, but the Lord is truly blessing the Sabbath meeting and prayer meeting on Wednesday.  We received the Bibles and Great Controversies that you sent.  Thank you!  From a brother in the service of the Lord ~ FL Prison

Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I am writing you because I just found out about your ministry, and I am very happy to find it!  I was born and raised believing in the seventh-day Sabbath, but I slipped away from Christianity and had nothing to do with the Lord for almost 30 years!  I am grateful to the Lord for opening my eyes once again, even though I had to become a 'guest of the state' to open my eyes!  I would be very interested in doing your free Bible study course!  Thank you, and God bless you and your ministries from the bottom of my heart! ~ California Prison

Praise God for the Blood of Jesus!

   I thank you wonderful saints of God for everything you have done for me.  May God continue to use and bless you all!  Please continue to pray for me, I am proclaiming the three angels' messages of Revelation 14 around this facility.  A few respond, but my job is to just preach and teach, it's God's job to convict and bring understanding, and He is not slack!  In Christ, ~ Louisiana Prison


   Someone gave me a newsletter from His Marvelous Light Ministries to read not long ago, and they also gave me one of your booklets to read.  I enjoyed them both immensely!  So I wrote you and asked if you could please put me on your monthly mailing list, also I asked you if you could please send me one of each of all your booklets, and you did!  Thanks!  So I'm asking you again to please send me one more copy of each of your booklets, and this time I would like to say thanks with a $10.00 gift for your ministry.  Love always ~ California Prison

To Whom it May Concern,

   I was told I could write to you and ask for a free Bible as well as a Bible Study Course you offer.  Could you please send me these items?  I am an inmate at a prison for women.  Any other literature you might have to send would be appreciated!  Thank you for your help.  Sincerely ~ Tennessee Prison

Dear Friend,

   I just wanted to send you this short note to thank you for your kind words in my last Bible study.  May God always bless you, and watch over and keep you!  Your friend in Christ, ~ PA Prison

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters,

   I am a Christian inmate serving time in prison, but my eyesight is not that good, so I was wondering if you could please send me one of the giant print Bibles you carry?  Also, I would be very interested in receiving your Free Bible Correspondence Course!  This would be great!  I just want to say thank you folks.  You are very good people, and may God bless you all.  You are doing a wonderful thing in serving the Lord.  Thank you again, and may God bless you.  Sincerely, ~ New Mexico Prison

Dear HMLM,

   Thank you for your continued support and prayers!  God has been and still is so good to me.  He has touched some of my family members, and has began a mighty work with the person I requested special prayer for.  I'm asking for your continued prayers that God will give each of us an understanding of what He would have us do for Him.  I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry.  Thank you, and God bless! ~ Louisiana Prison


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