Dear Staff of His Marvelous Light,

   I'm hoping and praying this letter finds you all in the best of our Lord's care.  As for me, I am blessed.  I have received my certificate of graduation, and your letter of congratulations.  I would be happy and glad to take the advanced Bible study course that is available!  I really enjoy and get peace of mind and learn something new every time I study them!  Thank you very much, and know that I continue to pray for all of you brothers and sisters of His Marvelous Light Ministries.  God bless all of you in your walk.  Also, please pray for my roommates.  Love and respect, California Prison

Hello HMLM,

   How are you doing?  I am fine.  Make that GREAT since I've asked Jesus to be my Saviour!  Best decision I've ever made!  I may be in prison, but I'm finally set free!  Praise God!  Could you please send me some more books?  I would like to read them and share them with fellow Christians here in this cellblock.  So I promise you they will be well read!  Thank you!  Jesus loves you! Love in Christ, California Prison

My Friend in Jesus Christ,

   I just want to thank you for sending me these lessons of God's Word, and also for helping me to learn about the Word of God.  I pray daily and also I like to seek God with all my heart, and I really asked Jesus Christ to help me change my life.  Right now I think I am on the way to changing my life!  Well my friend, once again thank you for everything and please keep in touch.  Send me the next lesson please.  Sincerely your friend in Jesus Christ, Texas Prison

Dear His Marvelous Light,

   Grace and peace unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!  Hello again!  I wanted to express the Sabbath-keeping congregation's thanks for the tracts, pamphlets, and books you included with the "Pilgrim's Progress" video!  150 tracts were distributed to receptive inmates here in two weeks!  75 last Monday, and 75 this Monday.  Please remember that this is a reception center.  There are close to 1,200 inmates here. Being a reception center means that this is just a hold-over for men who are headed to other prisons all across the state.  So when tracts are distributed here at this single facility, prisons all over the state are reached when inmates with these materials are transferred!  We are overjoyed to both receive your materials and to participate as co-laborers with you and God!  God bless you, and we hope to hear from you soon!  Your fellow servant, California Prison

Dear HMLM,

   We here at this church greet you in the love and peace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We are a group of men that serve God in Spirit and in truth.  God has transformed our hearts into His plan and purpose for our lives, and it's a beautiful sight to see a generation of men coming together in the gospel of Jesus Christ!  God has raised up a young pastor for us, and a blessed ministerial board here with the power of God activated in their hearts to bring forth God's Word with BOLDNESS!  We also have a choir that travels to different areas to minister through songs of praise.  We give all the glory to our Father God who established His Word in our hearts so we can carry out His plan and purpose.  We here at this facility send our love and prayers, and we wish the blessings of God upon your ministry.  If possible, could you send us some literature for our library here to benefit the knowledge of the believers?  Also, if you could please send us some Bibles to help pass out here on the compound and other institutions as we travel.  Thank you for your support and concern!  May God bless you.  Yours truly, a church group in Louisiana Prison

Dear Friends,

   I received your address from some brethren in here.  One brother is especially an encouragement to me.  Complete surrender and controlling the thoughts is where it's at, and this brother feeds on the Spirit of Prophecy writings all the time!  Praise the Lord!  I am in prison for being told there was no self-defense allowed in Florida.  There are a few other new Sabbath-keeping believers here, but only two others identify themselves with God's true Sabbath-keeping church.  A couple of men are now on the vegan diet with another brother and I.  We share our faith every chance we get, and give Bible studies when we can.  The atmosphere is not exactly conducive to spirituality, but we and others stick to our convictions and the Holy Spirit waters the seed.  Many here have read the "Great Controversy".  The man next to me here read both the "Great Controversy" and "National Sunday Law" earlier this year, but wasn't committed openly.  He likes to talk with me though, and we share certain things.  He's watching my example.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the material you have blessed us with.  Stay on the walls, brothers.  I hear your trumpet! Your brother, Florida Prison

Dear Friends,

   I would like to have a copy of the book "The Great Controversy" and a large print Bible to study with.  I do not have any money to send at this time.  But when I get a job, I will have.  Right now I'm in a hospital.  But I will not be here the whole time I'm down (incarcerated).  I have another 14 years to go.  I have done 20 some odd years in the past.  I never saw a book bring so many men together in prison before!  This is a real good thing you are doing.  I would like to receive the Bible study course also.  All I have to do these days is read and think.  So it will be a big help to me!  Thank you! Missouri Prison

Dear Friend,

   Could you please send me any material you might have that's free-of-charge and deals with the true Saturday Sabbath?  Thank you very much! God bless.  Colorado Prison

Dear Sir / Madam,

   Praise the Lord whom we serve and long to follow!  I found your name on a list from a ministry in Florida.  They state that you provide free Bible studies to anyone who wishes to receive them.  Should this be the case, please add my name to your list of students and begin sending me your studies.  Also if you have other materials available to aid one in their Christian walk will you please let me know?  May the Lord bless and keep you safe in His loving hands.  May He give unto all those of your ministry all that you need to function.  In Christian love, Pennsylvania Prison


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