Dear HMLM,

   I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful Bible you sent me, and the other literature, as it all was a prayer answered!  Just to share with you how the Holy Spirit played a part in all this, let me share this with you. - Before I received your address, or even started writing, I had begun to study the Sabbath and had no doubt that it was not on Sunday.  I also desired more literature on the subject as well as other things. I was wanting to find a group of people that really loved the Lord enough to follow what the Bible says, not their own way of things!  I've been very discouraged with most mainstream churches, yet I want and need the Christian fellowship.  Anyway, I got your address from a man that knew nothing about you, yet low and behold you were just the people I had prayed for! :-)  To top that off, here at the prison we usually have to wait to receive the books for a few days, but for some reason our mailroom brought them right to me, which was the Holy Spirit doing its works.  So you see, this all may sound normal, but believe me, God had His mighty hand upon us.  I truly love the Lord and everyday I seek more and more to lay self down upon the cross, so I can live more fully in His presence.  I love you all!  Your brother in Christ, Texas Prison


Dear Brothers and Sisters of HMLM,

   I thank you so very much for your faithfulness in Jesus Christ our Lord.  I pray for His Marvelous Light Ministries and all those that devote their time to the disregarded world.  Sometimes the hardest thing for me to accept is that God's grace extends to everyone that calls upon His name in a pure heart, even me!  Please keep your humble brother in prayer.  Also, please accept this humble gift of postage stamps as my offering to God's service.  Periodically, as I receive them, I will tithe them to HMLM, that I might be able to play a small part in the work of our Lord. Thank you!  Your brother in Christ, California Prison


Dear Staff of His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I really don't know what to say, other than thank you, and I love you all, plus Christ, by helping me finish this correspondence course!  I would surely appreciate it if I may have the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance as a gift.  Also, I would like to be enrolled in your advanced Bible correspondence study course, if possible.  Thank you again for all the love and support you've shown me over the years.  God bless the entire staff at HMLM.  Sincerely, Texas Prison.


Dear HMLM,

   I am 21 years old, and trying to live my life for the Lord.  I would like to start a Bible study with your ministry.  One of my Christian brothers, who does the Bible studies already, blessed me when he let me listen to a tape recently.  The name of it was "Sister Charlotte's Testimony".  I didn't know if I would be able to write and request the tape, or how I would have to go about getting it.  I wanted to start the lessons anyway, so I thought I would request to get a copy.  If you can't just send it like that, could you please let me know what I have to do to receive it?  This would be a blessing to me.  Please start me on the lessons as soon as you can.  God bless! Louisiana Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light,

   I happened to come across a guy that had a copy of "The Great Controversy".  I am looking to see how I might get a copy of this book, and any other information that relates to it.  I am interested in the end times and church history, but most of all I seek wisdom and knowledge of truth and God.  I am an ex-Bible college student and I miss the deep digging into God's Word.  I thank you for any help you may offer.  Thank you, in Christ Jesus' name, Florida Prison


Dear Marvelous Light Ministries,

   Hi everyone - I wanted to say thank you so very, very much for the book "Acts of the Apostles"!  This book has really been a blessing to my life!  I just love Ellen G. White's writings!  "The Desire of Ages" is the best book I've ever read, next to the Bible.  She puts you right into the Bible.  The books have changed my life.  I used to be a Sunday keeper, but thanks be to God for Mrs. White!  Thank you for your time, and for the books, too!  Sincerely, California Prison


His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   Will you please send your first Bible study lesson to each of the following people, who are interested in your studies?  We are all here in the same jail without a chaplain or anyone to help us in the Word of God.  But your lessons are doing great wonders in my life, and others are interested.  Please send as soon as possible!  I enjoy my lessons so much.  And thank you for the Bible, because we don't even have these here.  Send my next lesson as soon as possible.  God bless each of you!  Your sister in Christ, Louisiana Prison


Dear Bible Instructor,

   Praise God, my friend!  I really enjoyed the book that explained Revelation to me.  Thank you so much!  If it wouldn't be asking too much, and if it is in your power, I would truly like to read the one on the prophecies of Daniel, too.  As I learn to trust in the Lord and let go of my worldly way, He truly blesses me more and more and through great Christians like yourselves, I began to understand how great His works are and how little time is left.  So we must work harder and faster than ever to prepare for His coming!  What a great time it will be for us to sit at His feet and have Him explain everything to all of us - Amen!  A soldier in His army, Texas Prison


Dear Friends,

   Thank you so very much for "The International Meat Crisis" book, and the other books you sent.  A few have read the booklets on the Sabbath, and four have already read the International Meat Crisis through, and a couple others browsed through it.  I, myself, re-read about thirty pages.  Awesome!  I need your prayers.  This is the poorest food yet at this facility, since I've been locked up.  Time is truly short.  Will you please send a "Great Controversy" to the following people?  There have been so many news accounts in the recent weeks to confirm everything that was written in "International Meat Crisis" about "mad cow disease".  May God be with you.  A brother in Christ, Florida Prison


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