Dear HMLM,

   I am thankful for His Marvelous Light Ministries.  These lessons are very helpful.  I have realized that heaven here on earth is in the precious presence of the Lord our God.  I do not want to do or even think of anything that may cause me to be separated from the Lord our God.  Thank you! California Prison

Dear Sirs,

   I had received your address from a very happy couple in our Lord Jesus Christ.  They told me that by writing to you that I could procure from you some articles - namely, great literature, Bible Studies, and many beautiful pamphlets.  I would like to receive these things as soon as you can send them.  Yours cordially, Arizona Prison

Dear HMLM,

   I've grown so close to the Lord with your help.  Thank you!   I can't express my gratitude enough.  I am really enjoying doing the Bible correspondence course, and always look forward to receiving my lessons and the reading material that you send me.  I thank the Lord for helping me through each lesson and opening up my eyes to His divine Word and instruction in the Christian life.  These teachings of Bible truths are the light in which I walk in a cold and dark prison.  Thank you so much for genuinely caring for me, HMLM.  May God bless you richly for helping us to Christ.  Sincerely in Christ, Louisiana Prison


Dear Sir,

   I found a copy of "The Great Controversy" in this prison.  Great book!!  One problem though... I've been promoting the book and don't want to give up the copy I have!  Would you be interested in donating about six copies?  Please send me any free information you have.  I read from "The Great Controversy" every day in our prayer circle.  One guy flees from the circle when it's my turn to read, and I decide to read from this book.  On the first day, the pastor here would not talk with me anymore after I started reading from it!  Thanks again! Louisiana Prison


   Please remember me and my interests and influence here in this new mission field.  I am deprived of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  They have the food, but stubbornly refuse to serve it.  They do have beautiful cultivated flowers here, to rejoice the heart.  Please send me another "International Meat Crisis".  A sincere kitchen worker, concerned for his health, was reading it as I left the other prison.  Also, I told the food service director, so please send him one too.   Kindest regards, Florida Prison

Dear Instructor,

   This is a beautiful study I have completed.  I enjoy it very much!  I studied the structure of the Scripture you gave to me.  I was blessed!  My eyes have been opened!  Thank you, and most of all, thank God! Yours truly with love, Louisiana Prison


Dear Friends at HMLM,

   Please not that my address is now one of the free-world.  I have discharged my prison sentence and am hopeful that you will allow me to continue in these most needed lessons!  As always, I thank you for all of your devotion to the spreading of the truth, and your prayers.  Always in Christ's love, Texas Prison


   I just love your lessons!  I look up all the Scriptures and think of what God the Father actually did for us.  Jesus came down out of heaven in the form of a baby, lived a sinless life, and died for us!  By the way, this lesson is a great testimony!  I did it in the Day Room, and there was an old man that cannot read or write, but he knew I was reading the Bible so he came over and sat down and asked questions.  I told him all he asked and we prayed for him to re-dedicate his life to Christ.  I told him my testimony and now we go to church together!  If you have more books, please send them!  I pass them on when I am finished with them.  Thank you, and may God bless you and the ministry.  You're in my prayers! Texas Prison

To Whom it May Concern,

   Please, I would like to request to you to get your Bible study course.  My brother said I could send this request to you, for I have no money to pay you.  I would appreciate it very much.  Thank you, and God bless you!  Florida Prison


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