Dear Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I'm writing you this letter because I would like to thank you for putting out a pamphlet called "Puzzled - Which Day is the Lord's Day?".  I read it every Sabbath, as I keep the Lord's day! I'm also studying the end times and I would like to know if you have any information concerning the rapture or what happens to the saints of God before the tribulation.  I am sure that since you believe in the keeping of the Sabbath, any information you make available will be the truth because it will be based on the Bible.  I believe in all of God's Word and the only thing God changed was the ceremonial laws, the sacrificial part of the tabernacle worship.  Everything else still stands.  I honor and respect God on the Sabbath (Saturday), for this is what pleases God.  Sincerely, your brother in Christ, Kansas Prison


Dear Friends,

   I received information along with your address that you may enroll me into one of your Bible study courses, and I was hopeful that myself, who is hungering for more of the Word of God, that I may become one of your students.  I would thoroughly appreciate the honor to become on of your "new" students ASAP!  Thank you so very much for your consideration in this matter.  I look forward to hearing from you soon and possibly receiving my first lesson! Faithfully yours, Louisiana Prison


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   We, the staff and inmates at this institution greet you in the Name above all names - Jesus.  We thank you sincerely for the materials that you have donated to this institution.  Again, thank you, and we pray that it will be okay to contact you in the future for any additional needs.  Sincerely in His Service, Chaplain - North Carolina Prison


To His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I would love to understand my Bible better. Please send me all the help you can because time is running out for us.  I have to turn my life around before it's too late.  May God bless you with hugs and kisses from heaven above.  Thank you in Jesus' name, Pennsylvania Prison


Dear Sirs,

   My husband is incarcerated and is beginning to find the Lord.  I am asking for your help in sending him a Christian Bible to read and other information that may prove beneficial for him.  Any help you can give us is greatly appreciated.  Thank you! New York


Dear Instructor,

   Thank you so much for your beautiful notes on my lessons.  I do appreciate them and your prayers.  Sincerely, Oklahoma


Dear Bible Instructor,

   I am well pleased with your studies.  I have learned very much!  I am truly interested in the tabernacle and the 2300 day/year prophecy, and all the timeline details of within the longest Biblical prophecy.  Thank you! Your brother in Christ, California Prison


Dear Ones in Christ,

   This is another wonderful lesson to me. I did not realize that all ten of the Commandments are in the New Testament, but I thank God that they are.  I can get to know Him through His Word.  I thank you for this Holy Bible, and the study aids that are in the back.  It is a blessing being able to explain to people why I believe so much about God.  May the Holy Spirit smile upon you! Thank you God for Jesus, for we are His friend. Your brother in Christ, Delaware Prison


To His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I just came across a copy of your book - "A Storm is Coming, Relentless in its Fury!" and I saw in the back of the book your ad for a free copy of "The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan."  I was wondering, do you have any more free copies, as I do not have any more money at this time.  If you do, could you please send it to me? Thank you! Idaho Prison





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