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Dear HMLM,

   Enclosed is a $10 donation for you to use toward your ministry, to help spread the truth.  I'm on work release and get some money, so I want to do my part so that you may reach others who need enlightenment.  I really enjoy your Bible study course, and apologize for taking so long to send this one in.  Thank you for your patience, and may God bless you!  Yours in Christ, Oklahoma


Dear Sirs,

   Greetings!  I'm writing to you asking for a copy of your book "The Great Controversy".  I'm incarcerated and know a fellow inmate who has your book.  He tells me how good it is but I can't get him to let me read it!  He says he's reading it now for the SIXTH time, so I can't get it.  So I asked him for the address to write to see if I could have one sent to me.  I'm a born again child of God being led by the Spirit now.  If at all possible, send me a copy of your book.  If there is a fee send me information on the price so I can try to have it ordered by my wife.  I can't order directly from here so my wife will have to order it in my name and your ministry will have to mail it directly to me.  They won't allow it to come from my home of my wife, but we can receive material directly from ministries.  Any way we can work this out would be highly appreciated.  Thank you!  Sincerely, Louisiana Prison


Dear Friends,

   I found your address on a sticker in the back of "The Great Controversy" by Ellen White.  The book is rather beat-up, but it caught my attention.  The last page mentions learning more about the Bible and that is what I am interested in.  Please send me whatever lessons or materials that you have available.  Respectfully, Missouri Prison


Dear Instructor,

   God has turned the heart of stone I once had as a heroin addict who couldn't, wouldn't, didn't want to know or have feelings or empathy for anyone around me.  I first learned to believe in God in 1996.  He has brought me out of my drug-infested lifestyle, and changed my worthless life into a hope and a future like God says in Jeremiah 29:11.  Thank you for your time ministering this word to me.  I will be released soon, but will continue doing all of my studies once on the outside of these walls.  Sincerely, California Prison


Dear Bible Instructor,

   What's my note?  I've got to write something! I pray that God will bless me with the ability to remember at least a portion of what I'm learning in these Bible studies.  There is so much knowledge and wisdom in God's Word; unfortunately I've destroyed so much of my brain from the abuse I've subjected it to that my memory is in BAD condition.  But I can see God working in my life.  The less I give in to the wilful sin I enjoy, the more He blesses me, especially with peace.  I still have problems with being critical of others, sinners and Christians!  Thank you for all your help! In Christ, Florida Prison



   I am currently incarcerated in a jail here in Illinois.  Please enroll me in your free Bible Correspondence Course!  Thank you, and God bless! Illinois Prison



   I would like to know if I can enroll in your free Bible studies, please?  Please send the first lesson of the free Bible study course, along with the free book "The Great Controversy".  Thank you, and God bless you! Kansas Prison


Dear Sir or Madam,

   I was informed by another inmate here that your ministry provides correspondence courses so that I may study the Word of God.  Also, he informed me that I could earn a concordance upon completion of the courses.  If you are willing to provide these courses to me, please send the application for enrollment and the first course together, because of my limited amount of funds.  This is the reason I am asking for the enrollment application and first course to be sent together.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  Yours in Christ, Colorado Prison


Dear Staff of HMLM,

   I started the Bible study course while I was incarcerated, and I would like to finish the course.  If I have to start over, I don't mind.  The information that I received from you was vital to my stability while in jail, and I would like to have that same stability once again.  I pray that this message reaches you in good graces.  Thank you! Former Texas Prisoner





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