Dear Sir or Madam,

   Hello! How are you doing today?  I am doing okay for now I guess.  Well, I am writing you this letter today because I would like to know if you would please send me your Bible studies.  I am 37 years old, and I love to do God's Word as much as I can.  Thank you! In Jesus' name, Pennsylvania Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Would you please enroll me in your Bible study course?  Thank you! Kentucky Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Please accept this offering to support Pastor Jonathan Sobo, and his work with "Child to Child Center".  I read his story in the World Missions part of "The Present Truth" newsletter, November '03 edition.  Your message on page one and two really spoke to me also!  Please pray for me to stop smoking tobacco.  I have been around wonderful people who have lived and loved the true Bible message for many years, but it has never really taken root in my heart. Obviously not, I am the problem and suffer the consequences - but for the mercy of Christ, I would lose all hope.  Keep up the good work for the honor and glory of God.  Thanks again! Louisiana Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   Some of my friends and I are interested in your Bible Correspondence program.  Please send your course to me and each of the names listed.  Thank you! Oklahoma Prison


Dear Saint,

   I am writing from the Tecumseh State Correction Institution to ask if you'd send me a Bible Study Course that upon completion of I may be entitled to a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  I anxiously await your course of study.  God bless your ministries! Thank you. In Christ, Nebraska Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I'm writing to you because I would like to start receiving your Bible study by mail.  Can you please send me your first lesson?  Also, if you have any other free literature or resource list can you please send it to me?  Thank you very much! God bless! Rhode Island Prison


Dear HMLM Staff,

   I hope and pray that all came through the last few weeks safely.  This was another wonderful lesson, as presented by (ya'll) you all.  I found that what I thought I knew (as taught by other churches) wasn't accurate.  Boy, did I get a wake-up call from the keepers of His light! Ya'll teach straight out of God's Word, not man's word.  I was given knowledge and understanding.  You all couldn't have made it plainer.  I thank you for keeping it on a "layman's" level.  I pray for you often.  I pray that you are given an exceeding abundance of resources like money and volunteers, food, shelter, and clothing for those brothers and sisters in Africa, along with the written materials they need.  Please send along my next lesson.  I can't wait for it!!  May God continue to bless you in ALL that you do to shine His Marvelous Light around the world.  I pray that you reach the deepest, darkest, remotest parts of the world.  Yours (God's) is the brightest beacon on the hill! God bless you.  Together in Christ, Texas Prison


To Those at His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   A friend gave me your booklet "A Storm is Coming, Relentless in its Fury!!"  I agree with everything written in it!  I would like to ask that you please send me the free book "The Great Controversy" and your free Bible Correspondence Course.  I accepted the Lord as my Saviour on August 12, 1948, and love and believe every word written in the Bible.  Also, please send me that which I have marked on the enclosed order. I am sending along a check to help you along with your great work.  Bless you all! Yours in Christ's love, Florida Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Thank you very much for your encouraging words.  I really enjoyed this lesson, too, and I like that I can learn a lot from it.  I am looking forward to the next lesson.  Thank you again, God bless you and your work.  Indiana Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I'm currently a prisoner in Avenal State Prison.  In May of 2002 I had brain surgery, which left me with the loss of memory and in need of cognitive therapy, which our Lord Jesus Christ will provide to me.  I would more than love to be able to take your course in Bible study that you offer to prisoners. (HMLM NOTE: The Bible studies are also free to those not incarcerated.)  I am also without a King James Bible.  I would be very thankful if you would add me to your prayers and Bible studies.  Thank you! California Prison





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