Dear HMLM,

   My last letter to you all must have gotten lost in the mail, or else the stinkin' devil is just doing his thing trying to keep me from furthering my diligent study of God's Word.

   About two months ago I was released from the work release center I was at and now I am home, doing great! I work for myself.  I have a landscaping company, and I am also pursuing the Christian ministry I've written to ya'll about in the past.  Please send me my copy of "The Present Truth" newsletter. And, if you have back issues, please send me all of them since April! I'm sending a small offering to you all because of the books and all you've sent to me while I was doing time.  Once again, thank you all very much! Looking forward to hearing from you all again.  In Christ's service, Jeff - Louisiana


Dear HMLM Staff,

   I wanted to write and express my thanks and my gratitude for the two books that I received today.  May the Lord bless you! Also, thank you for the new calendar that you sent with "The Present Truth" newsletter.  It was most appreciated as well!  I wanted to say a BIG AMEN for the copying machine that has finally been accomplished in acquiring.  Although I am sorry that I myself could not donate to the acquisition of it, but I hope that my prayers were enough to assist! Thank you so very much for being the most honest, and available ministry that I have had the honor and joy of coming across!  For this I send my love, prayers, and blessings to you all at HMLM and abroad! God bless you all! In His service, Charles - Texas Prison


Dear HMLM Staff,

   A friend of mine told me about your Bible study course.  I'm interested in starting it myself and would also like to receive your King James Version Study Bible.  Thank you! Mark - Arkansas


Dear Pastor,

   I would like to thank you for sending me my request for a French book.  I now understand that God does everything for a reason.  I understand why I'm in here now, because when I was on the streets I forgot about God and all He has done for me.  The book written by Ellen White has provided me with new insight.  I would like to know if you are aware of any correspondence class I may take to help increase my knowledge?  I would really appreciate any help you could provide me with.  Once again, thank you and pray for me.  Oriel - Florida Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   Please send your free Bible Study to me and my friend.  Please send us your studies as soon as possible!  Thank you! Sincerely, William - Pennsylvania Prison



   I was referred to you through Harvesttime Books.  I am writing to ask if you could please provide me with a Holy Bible. I don't have one and I really need to get one.  I'd also like to take your Bible Study course.  Thank you! Kevin - Wisconsin Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I am writing to be enrolled in the Bible Correspondence Course that you offer.  I am seeking to learn more about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your time and cooperation, and may God continue to bless you and your ministries.  Sincerely, Edward - Illinois Prison


Dear Marvelous Light Instructor,

   I am an inmate.  I received your address from a friend of mine.  He is taking your Bible study course, and highly recommends it to me.  He informed me that this study is only for people who earnestly desire to learn about our great Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I love the Lord and desire to learn so much about Him.  Unfortunately I am an inmate with very little income.  I have no way of paying for this course.  So, if money is a hindrance, please disregard this letter.  I realize you help everyone you can with the donations available.  But, if possible, please send me your course.  I can be on my way to a better understanding and closer relationship with our Lord and God, Jesus.  My friend also tells me you do donate study Bibles.  If possible, please put me on the list! Thank you for your time and great effort in spreading the good news! You are a real inspiration to inmates everywhere.  May God bless you with much needed funds and donations! Your brother in Christ, Dennis - Kansas Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I would like to receive your free Bible studies and your large-print Bible.  I want to learn more about Jesus Christ.  Thank you! James - California Prison




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