Dear HMLM,

   Hello my fellow Christians.  While recently speaking with a brother of mine, he told me about a Bible study correspondence course that you offer.  I would very much like to receive this course.  If you could please help me with this I would be very grateful.  Thank you for what you are doing and I pray that God continues to bless you and your families. Your Brother in Christ, Chris, Florida Prison



   I am an inmate and have been incarcerated for several months.  I'm certain that God has allowed my physical freedom to be taken away to set me free spiritually.  The life I was living was headed straight to hell.  Please send me some of your Bible study materials.  Thanks! Robert, Louisiana Prison


Dear Friend in Christ,

   Here I am writing you these few lines just to let you know that I am very interested in your Bible Study course.  A friend gave me your address, so here I find myself writing you and asking if I can join in yall's Bible study program.  I am a young Christian brother that myself loves to do Bible studies to learn about the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father also.  Thank you for your time and understanding.  May God bless yall! A Christian Brother, John, Texas Prison


To His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I would like to receive your Bible Study lessons so I can completely study the Word.  I would also like to receive one of your Marvelous Light Ministries Study Bibles with the large print.  In the pod I'm in we have Bible study four times a week.  One of the other inmates in our group has one of your Study Bibles and told me how to receive one of my own, so I'll be waiting for my lessons to start so I can earn mine.  Thank you! Sincerely, Adrian, Georgia Prison


God Bless You!

   His Marvelous Light Ministries, I received the  beautiful Bible today! I just wanted you to know that I received it.  I will start using it right away today!  Praise God!  I really appreciate the teaching of your ministry and thank you for your time!  Sincerely, Percy, Illinois Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I am currently incarcerated, and have been for the past eight years, but it wasn't until a year and a half ago that I submitted my heart to my Savior.  As I started to study the Bible for myself I started to disagree with what I was taught in the past, so I wrote all kinds of different denominations trying to find the truth, but I didn't find one that I could agree with my whole heart, for conscience sake.  Then one brother here let me read one of your booklets on the Sabbath and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes! From that day forward I knew THIS was the truth I was praying for, even though I thought Sunday was the Sabbath and kept it like everyone else.  I was told it don't matter what day you keep, just as long as you rest one day.  But once I read your booklet on the Sabbath I got convicted like never before so I had to find out where this booklet came from!  So I asked this brother in here and he told me that it came from your ministry.  My heart was telling me this is the truth, and so I had to write to you!  For the first time, I can, with a clear conscience, agree with everything I have been learning through you because it is based on the Bible!  I still have a lot to learn, so please send me any more materials / studies to help me.  I thank you for your time and may God continue blessing your ministry.  Prayerfully yours, Robert, California Prison


His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   Please place me on your mailing list for your Bible study course.  I do not have a King James Bible, so if you could please send me one of those as well, I would be grateful.  Thank you! God bless! James, Kansas Prison


Dear Sir,

   To whom it may concern - I would really like to start your Bible lessons and hopefully receive an HMLM Study Bible to go along with it.  I just love studying God's Word.  I lost my Bible when I was shipped to another location.  May God bless you always! Terry, Oklahoma Prison


Hello, Good People!

   I'm writing to ask for your Bible Studies and your wonderful KJV Bible.  I'm with a small group here who are a great help to me in my study of the Bible.  One of my closest brothers has showed me your studies and Bible.  I'm really excited that the Bible has Jesus' words in red print and that there's Hebrew and Greek interpretations of words and meanings, along with the many other features that are so helpful!  An AWESOME Bible!  So if possible, please send me your informative studies and your most blessed Bible!  I deeply appreciate your helping us here in prison.  We pray for your ministry.  Thank you! Your brother in Christ, Michael, Florida Prison





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