June 2006


Dear Friends,

   Please allow me to express my deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for the supply of literature you kindly donated to this institution.  As a pastor, I can truly say that the stones are crying out and refuse to remain silent, though behind bars.  Sister White was right when she saw the truth spreading through the printed page like the leaves of autumn.  It's exciting to be a part of this movement and to witness the fulfillment of her prophecy.  I again ask your assistance in maintaining the work you have begun by donating whatever you are able to of the following books:  "Steps to Christ", "Great Controversy", "Patriarchs and Prophets", "Prophets and Kings", and any other material you are able to spare.  Again, I am grateful for your able support and ask that you join me in prayer for a finished work.  Sincerely, Chaplain George - Florida Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Thank you very much for "The Great Controversy".  I'd like to get a few other books if I can - "Patriarchs and Prophets" and "Prophets and Kings".  Please send me a bill so I can expedite a trust withdraw here at the prison.  Thank you! Also, would you please be able to suggest an individual I could contact for when I am released?  I trust your judgment because of the truths that you preach.  Thank you for everything!  God speed.  Respectfully, Ron - California Prison




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