Dear HMLM,

   I am writing to you in regards to some questions about the Sabbath I had in a previous lesson.  First of all, I thank God and give Him all the glory for the answer He has revealed to me in His Word, the Scriptures.  Secondly, I thank God for you being my instructors and leading me in the right direction.  Thank you!  Here's what I did:  I went through the whole New Testament about the question that I asked you about a command for Christians in this present day to keep the Sabbath.  Well, NO WHERE in the New Testament did Christ or the apostles make mention of the Sabbath not being binding, or of Christ abolishing the fourth commandment on the cross, or of the Sabbath being changed to Sunday!!  God has blessed me to know and learn about the Sabbath!  God's Word is the final authority in my life, and I shall always obey it, including the keeping of the Sabbath!  Praise God, and thank you! Texas Prison

Dear Marvelous Light,

   Good day to you!  I am writing to you about a book called "The Mark of the Beast".  I have been reading this book, and am just about finished with it.  I got your address from the back page, and yes, I desire further information about these subjects!  I have found this book interesting and have got a better understanding on the subject through it, though I must admit that I have a very hard time with the Bible.  If you have any literature that might help me, please send it right away!  Thank you, and God bless you all! California Prison

Dear Sirs,

   I am an inmate in a county facility, and would really love to receive your free gift of the Old King James Version Bible, Bible studies, and any other free spiritual literature that you could send!  Being indigent, I am unable to afford postage for Bible studies, though, so if there is any way you could help in this area, I would greatly appreciate it and sincerely would like to do the studies!  Sincerely Yours, Idaho Prison

Dear Brothers and Sister of HMLM,

   Thank you so much for the E.G. White Study Bible!  I got it on the last mail day before Christmas break.  I was very excited because my other Bible is so full!  Here's my couple of dollars for the Bible, and a little extra for "Shelter in the Storm".  I'll add it to our library.  Thank God for people who care!  There are a couple of us who seriously enjoy researching our Bibles!  Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your love and sacrifice.  I have truly learned what Christian love is.  God keep you all.  In Christ, Utah Prison

Dear Pastor Berwick and All,

   On Wednesday, I received the January issue of the "Present Truth" newsletter, and I must say that I was overjoyed to receive it!  As I always do, I put everything else down and read the newsletter from cover to cover, including the letters that you receive!  Sometimes they are quite moving and inspiring.  Although, I must say something this time:  My first contact with HMLM was through a fellow 'offender'.  He gave me a copy of your newsletter and said 'These are real good people'.  Well, I read that issue and then wrote to you all to request that I be put on your mailing list.  I also included several stamps for some booklets.  The return mail was awesome indeed!  Not only were my requested booklets there, but also some others that I hadn't even asked for!  When I enrolled in your Bible study, I was wondering how I could afford the postage.  Then imagine how I felt when a SASE was included with the lessons!  Wow!  To sum it up, y'all are just good people who don't just "talk" your religion, but actually "live" it!  With blessings I say to you all, THANK YOU!  God bless you abundantly!  In Christ, Texas Prison

Dear HMLM,

   Hello!  I am the Chaplain here at the Colorado Correctional Center. I'm in the process of establishing a Bible Reference Section in our Chapel library for the inmates to check out and use as a tool in their dedication to gaining spiritual knowledge.  I have heard that you offer many materials and Bible study helps, and we would greatly appreciate any help that you would be able to provide.  God bless you, and thank you for all you do for the cause of Christ.  Sincerely, Chaplain, Colorado Prison

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

   I am currently incarcerated, and it is a struggle daily to remain strong in my faith while serving my time, but with our fellowship program, inner-facility Bible Studies, and my own personal daily study, I will make it through this tough and trying time!  I know I will be a much better and happier person for it!  Through a brother in Christ that I met at another facility, I obtained a copy of another ministry's newsletter that had your address listed in it for Bible study material.  So I am writing to request your Bible study and any other materials you may be able to send to assist me in understanding God's Word.  I prayed one evening and while talking with God, I asked Him to help me to better read and understand the Bible, and two days later I got the newsletter with your name and address in it!  Praise the Lord!  Like His Word says, 'ask for help and you'll receive it', and there it was in black and white - "His Marvelous Light Ministries"!  Thank you, and God bless!  Michigan Prison

Dear Sir,

   I first give glory to God for His mercy and grace, and for loving us sinners with a love of redeeming power in Jesus Christ.  I also thank Him for your ministry and your service to His flock.  I'm writing to ask that we be sent a copy of the FREE book you offer, "The Great Controversy"Everybody wants to read it, and people who have it can't put it down!  I listen to people read from it and I know we all need it in here at this facility!  Please rush this book to me and the following people....  Thank you!  In Christ, Louisiana Prison

Dear HMLM,

   I was reading "The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan" by E.G. White.  In the back of the book was a form for a free Bible Study Correspondence Course with your address label on it.  Please enroll me in your free course!  I am up to chapter six in the book, and have found that the book is a real eye-opener!  Thank you!  Until later, God bless and take care!  Florida Prison



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