Dear Ministry,

   I'm writing to request one of your "prison" Bible packages, because what I've read so far truly has been eye opening, as well as an inspiration!  Although I am still a baby in my walk, I refuse to let being incarcerated sidetrack me.  Therefore I would greatly appreciate the package to further my growth as a child of God, and I look forward to any and all information that your service can help me with.  May Jesus' peace always be with all of you! Sincerely, California Prison

Dear His Marvelous Light,

   I really appreciate you sending me this beautiful Bible certificate for completing your first Bible study course!  I really enjoyed the course, and would be very happy to receive your advanced Bible study course.  It really turned my life around with the help of you all.  Without your help I would probably be headed in another direction!  The devil is really busy down here.  I hope and pray you can help another soul just like you helped me!  I look forward to hearing from you all real soon!  Love always.  A friend in Christ, Texas Prison

Dear HMLM,

   Hello!  A friend of mine who is here at this facility told me about your Bible study course.  He said it was an excellent one to take part in.  Please send me the first lesson right away!  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!  Thank you very much, and God bless! Minnesota Prison

Dear Brothers and Sisters of HMLM,

   What a lesson!  Praise God, I've learned so much from this course I can't begin to express it!  It was like God would send a lesson on a certain subject just as I desperately needed it.  The truth, a word so mis-used around the world, indeed set us free!  Since learning correct Biblical doctrine by a study of the Bible instead of some traditional fantasy men teach, I was set free from all the confusion.  The Word of God is clear.  God made it that way and its too bad men have to muddy it with so much selfishness.  I thank God for every one of you brothers and sisters.  You have been a blessing beyond my experience!  I also want to praise God for all the people who make your ministry able to reach out with their offerings and tithes.  We can't every forget what they make possible!  In Christ Jesus, Utah Prison

Dear His Marvelous Light,

   First of all I give all honor and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Secondly, it has been an honor as well as a privilege to have been able to learn more about God's Word and His will for my life through your Bible study.  I wish to say thanks to your ministry and staff for sharing so much of your time and effort.  During these past few months I have come to learn that God sends various people into one's life.  And I'm truly glad that your ministry has played an important part in my learning more about God.  I would like to continue my Bible studies with you by enrolling in your free Advanced Bible Correspondence Course!  Thank you, and may God bless you!  In Christ, Texas Prison

Dear HMLM,

   I would like to request your newsletter and your listing of free books for inmates.  I just got through reading "The Great Controversy" by Ellen G. White.  WOW!  What a powerful book.  After I read her introduction I felt the Holy Spirit was really with this woman as she wrote this book and after reading it, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind it was God-inspired!  I am interested in knowing and searching the Word of God for the truth.  I feel I am being led out of spiritual Babylon and coming to know Jesus Christ in a way I never knew existed.  I just made the change of worshiping our Lord from Sunday to the Lord's Sabbath about a month ago after a long struggle of about five months!  Thank you for your time!  Florida Prison

To Whom it May Concern,

   I have heard wonderful things about your Bible studies, and would like for you to consider my name to sign up for them so I may be blessed with the learning experience that several of my Christian brothers have had through His Marvelous Light Ministries!  Thank you so very much for your consideration.  God bless!  Colorado Prison

Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries

   Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ! Some Christian friends of mine gave me your address since I've been talking about how much I'm looking forward to getting back into my Bible studies and devotional writing - and since you offer Bible studies, he felt you might be able to help me.  I'm an inmate at a private prison.  I'm very much into the study of prophecy in light of finding out that the "testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy".  I hope to hear from you soon.  God bless you and the ministry.  Love and prayers, Oklahoma Prison

Dear Light Ministries,

   First, I would like to thank you for the book "Prophet of the End" you sent me.  It is most interesting and very convincing, and contains ample information and proof, to say the least, concerning Ellen G. White to be a prophet of this end time.  Thank you so much!  My one Christian brother here has accepted the three angels' messages and is happy beyond words to hear this truth that he has never heard before.  He is truly seeking after this truth; learning about the seventh-day Sabbath, many of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and even the gospel of perfection (righteousness by faith).  I was able to obtain a copy of the "Great Controversy" to give to him, and we go over it together.  He is so interested that there is so much truth to be discovered, and it drives him to seeking more.  Thank you so much, as the light of the three angels' messages continue to shine behind these prison walls.  Your fellow laborer in Christ, Louisiana Prison


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