Dear Bible Instructor,

   I have known the importance of the Sabbath very little.  There was even a time when I told people in here that it did not matter which day we worshipped on, as long as we came together to worship.  But my heart was always troubled.  I knew that it was a commandment.  I need more understanding in this matter.  Please pray for me and all of us here.  When we come off of lockdown, I will try to get our group to worship on Saturday instead of Sunday.  May God bless you. California Prison


Dear Staff,

   I just want to say what a blessing these last two lessons in particular have been!  For years I have been told by pastors outside and chaplains inside that the law, including the Ten Commandments, and which they referred to as the old Mosaic law, was no longer valid.  Supposedly, they had been nailed to the cross.  These last two lessons have cleared up some long-held confusion, and has opened up a whole new world for me!  I can't help wondering whether these preachers and chaplains understand the difference between God's Law and the so-called old Mosaic law - or ceremonial law.  At any rate, I truly thank all of you at HMLM for providing these lessons!  Thank you! Texas Prison


Dear Sirs,

   Could you please send me a Bible, preferably a large-print King James Version, and also materials for Bible study?  I am incarcerated, and have no money.  Thank you, and God bless you! Wisconsin Prison


Dear Marvelous Light Ministries,

   Hi there!  I am a new death-row inmate here in Pennsylvania State Prison.  I was talking to my next-door neighbor and he gave me your name and address.  He said he hasn't been able to write to you yet, but he mentioned that you have Bible studies available.  I am very interested in getting your BIble studies so it could help me with my walk with Jesus Christ.  There is nothing here at this prison to help us with our walk with Christ, so please enroll me in your Bible studies.  Thank you, and God bless you all! Pennsylvania Prison


Dear HMLM Staff,

   I wanted to take this time to just thank you all for this study.  The time in this place, though unwanted, has been a blessing!  I have had time to reflect on past mistakes and have had time to study God's Word!  Thank you, and God bless His Marvelous LIght Ministries!  Also, if possible, could you please send me a copy of "Patriarchs and Prophets"?  Thank you. California Prison


Dear HML Ministries,

   I read a book titled "The Great Controversy" by E.G. White and I found your address in the back of the book.  I was very interested.  Please send me information about HMLM.  I am currently incarcerated.  Thank you! Oregon Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Thank you so much for your time and patience.  I greatly appreciate it!  Thank you also for the lessons that you all sent to me while I was in prison.  Since I have been released, I have made an overall change in my life.  I have sought God and found Him!  Things are so much better now that I have given my life to Him!  Thank you for helping in doing God's work! Texas



   I am presently incarcerated, and am here with another inmate who is currently taking your Bible studies.  I would like to receive these Bible studies also!  Thank you for considering my request.  Yours truly, Florida Prison


Dear HMLM Bible Instructors,

   On behalf of all the men in our detention center, I would like to thank God for your willingness to serve others.  This has helped me understand the kind of love we should have for others!  May God keep you in all you do! Louisiana Prison


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