Dear Brothers and Sisters of HMLM,

   Once again I find myself going through my collection of "Present Truth" newsletters, re-reading all the articles.  I never tire of reading them.  I am deeply thankful for my Christian brothers and sisters who have helped me on my journey to a new life.  His Marvelous Light Ministries and all the wonderful people involved in the prison ministry have been an especially wonderful blessing.  It has been you, brothers and sisters, who have fed me and others here with the Lord's words through books, Bible studies, and cassette sermons.  You have been a blessing to my walk and God has taken notice!  Your rewards will be given to you upon that great day when He comes to get us.  Thank you all from the depths of my soul!  In Christ's Love, Utah Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   Will you please send me a copy of "The Great Controversy"?  I was in the chapel recently and I saw this booklet with the cop on the cover standing next to the police car.  The cover said "Are You Breaking 'The Law'?"  It's a wonderful thing that so many people are starting to tell the truth about the Holy Scriptures and undo the damage that the great whore of Revelation 17 has done.  I'm glad you dare to speak the truth! So please send me a copy of the above-mentioned book.  I'd also like to get the booklet called "Do You Really Know Who This Man Is?".  It's hard to get good information in prison, so please keep me in mind.  Thank you! Sincerely, Colorado Prison


Dear Ministries,

   A friend of mine told me about your Bible correspondence course, and I would like to take part in this course.  I really like the giant-print King James Version Bible you sent him.  My Bible only has the New Testament.  If possible, could I also please have one of your Bibles.  Thank you for your time.  Sincerely, Mississippi Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I'm writing to you, asking that I please be able to enroll in your Bible study course.  I am currently serving a thirty-month sentence for drugs and I have decided to follow Jesus and also Him to use me to do His will in spreading the good news of the Gospel and also, share with others how He has begun a good work in me.  Right now I don't know what He has in store for me in the future, but all I pray and ask of Him is to supply me with what I need and not what I want.  As I look back over my life, I'm ashamed of it and I'm so grateful that He has the power to change me and allow me to become like Him.  He is my role model and nothing in this world could ever satisfy my soul.  In closing, please pray for my three beautiful children, and also for the rest of my family as well.  I will be sure and keep you all in my prayers as well!  Your brother in Christ, Louisiana Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Thank you so very much for all the Spirit-filled hand-written notes that accompany my graded Bible studies that are sent back to me.  That in itself is uplifting to me to know that there are men and women out there that care for those of us incarcerated.  Those of us in here who have a close Spirit-filled relationship with Jesus Christ and who walk moment by moment, daily with Him, know we have been forgiven of our past sins, mistakes, and failures and have given them all to Jesus and backed away from them, leaving them all in His hands.  Praise God for His Marvelous Light Ministries and the truth you send out through the different material to those who are seeking to know our Lord and Saviour more intimately.  Thank you so much, heavenly Father, for this ministry! Sincerely, a brother in Christ, Florida Prison



   I ran into this Christian fellow who said he would write a ministry who would send me a Spanish Bible, Spanish Great Controversy, and enroll me in a free Bible Correspondence Course in Spanish also.  I am a Native American, but do believe in Jesus Christ, and I want to check it out in a Bible with a good Bible study.  Please send me these items and pray for me that God will show me what the truth is about life and religion.  Thank you! Illinois Prison


Dear Brothers / Sisters,

   I was looking for a large-print Bible and an inmate said you may be able to help me.  So I'm requesting your help in this matter.  I've been watching my roommate do your study course, and I'm very interested in doing one myself.  Please send me my first lesson.  Thank you in advance for the Bible and Bible study.  In Christ, Wisconsin Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Staff,

   I am really enjoying the lessons and the notes from you all.  Thank you so much!  I would like to purchase the booklets and tracts that you offer, along with the book "Desire of Ages".  Please also send them to my three friends whose names I have listed.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  God bless you all! California Prison


Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

   May this short note find you sheltering in the wonderful arms of our Lord's love and grace!  Praise the Lord! I was wondering, if possible, could you please send me a King James Version Bible, since the one that I did have I gave to someone else, and they left with it.  Thank you very much! Sincerely, Pennsylvania Prison


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