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   I am an inmate in California.  I have just finished reading "Our Liberties Threatened".  I always knew something was wrong with the Roman Catholic Church, even when I was 10 years old.  That's why I left it 34 years ago.  Please send me a free copy of "The Great Controversy" and, if possible, "The Desire of Ages".  I don't have any money and do not know when I will get any.  If I had any money, I would not mind paying for the book.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Your servant in Christ, California Prison


Dear Bible Instructor,

   Baptism - it is rich in symbolic meaning.  As you are immersed or buried underneath the water, it's as though you have died to your former course of life.  As you come out of the water, it's as if you are emerging to a new life - one that's governed by the will of God and not our own.  Of course it doesn't mean that mistakes won't occur anymore, and because of imperfections we're prone to sin daily.  However, as dedicated baptized servants of the Father we will have entered a special relationship with Him.  Because of our repentance and our humble submission to baptism the Father is willing to forgive our sins on the basis of Jesus' ransom sacrifice!  May the Lord richly bless us to live up to the light we have.  The day is closer now than it's ever been.  Let us be found in well-doing.  Thank you for your love and prayers and for personalizing Scripture for me.  In Christian love and service, Florida Prison


Dear Sirs,

   I no longer despair to the gloominess of yesterday's sorrows, and I owe it all to a book which contains your ministry's name.  I am an inmate incarcerated in Louisiana.  For the past twenty years, Satan has corrupted my life with every sort of evil.  It was not until I arrived at this facility, prayed like never before, and then read "The Desire of Ages" by E.G. White, that my soul found comfort.  I would like to know if there is any way possible you could place me on some sort of mailing list and send me any kind of Biblical literature your organization has for souls desperately seeking nourishment?  I am not sure how this book came about here, but I would like to say "thank you" for the donation.  It has truly enlightened me!  Thank you! Louisiana Prison


Dear Sir,

   I am very thankful that a friend of mine just got done sharing your monthly newsletter with me.  I have no doubt that you people are on the path of truth.  I am thankful to have found out about ya'll.  I request, as a prisoner, to please be placed on your list to receive your monthly newsletter.  Please also start me off with a couple of your booklets advertised.  I thank you in advance and God bless you.  Please keep me and my friend in your prayers.  There is much work to be done here, and we are the only ones to do it!  Your prayers, please.  God bless! Illinois Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I am writing to thank you for the calendars, the bookmark, the "Great Controversy" book by E.G. White, and the Bible studies.  I truly enjoyed the Bible study immensely.  I would also like to inquire about any other free reading material you may have, and also if I may get a couple more of those bookmarkers to give to some of our brothers in Christ.  I would be greatly thankful!  Again, thank you for the Bible study.  God bless your ministry and your personal lives.  Your brother in Christ, Colorado Prison


Dear Staff,

   I would like to thank you for the beautiful certificate you sent me.  I also want to thank you for uplifting my parents in your prayers.  They are both recovering and doing fine.  But it is God who gets all the glory.  I am proud of myself for sticking to and finishing this course.  It is quite an achievement for myself.  But the Bible says nothing is impossible for God.  I want to know so much about the Bible but I also know I have to have patience to soak up what I have learned.  Your ministry is and has been so kind and I thank you for that.  I feel I have already received my gift from God through your studies but I believe the pocket Bible, black, would be great.  And I would like to get into your advanced Bible study course.  I am leaving prison in about five months and know that the devil is waiting.  So I have to soak up as much word as possible.  Also, could you explain about "The Great Controversy"?  I don't recall ever seeing it.  Is it a book?  Anyway, I thank you for your time, prayers, and encouragement.  Our reward is not here but in heaven.  May God bless you and what you're doing with this ministry.  In training, Texas Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I just received my issue of "The Present Truth" newsletter.  Thank you so much!  My wife also received the books that you sent to her.  Thank you so very much.  I have 12-18 brothers now coming to a class where we study E.G. White and the Sabbath, the second coming, etc.  We don't have any good guidelines for Revelation to go by except the Bible, and some find it too hard to understand.  I was wondering if maybe (if funds allow it) we could get a copy of E.G. White's book "Daniel and the Revelation"?  We do have several books on Daniel and Revelation, but they are from Catholic, Lutheran, and several independent sources, and do not agree with the Bible's interpretation.  The brothers here need something that they can read to help guide them out of "Babylon".  I am a firm believer in non-compromise when it comes to God's will.  I've grown so much over the last year with His Marvelous Light Ministries, I have been the main speaker on three occasions in church now, and I leave no rocks unturned when it comes to saying what I truly believe.  The brothers say they really learn from me, but I remind them it is always God who teaches by His Holy Spirit and we are only vessels by whom He works for them that believe and obey.  I am so grateful to your ministry.  I know we owe it all to God, but I'm especially blessed by your efforts to bring light to as many as possible.  When I read "The Present Truth" newsletter, I'm convicted of the extent HMLM goes to reach the children of God.  I will pray daily for you and ask our Father to continue to bless you all.  The Lord is so good.  I praise Him with my whole heart.  In Christ, Utah Prison


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   Thank you so very much for sending me lesson number two.  The Bible studies are an awesome way of helping me to broaden my learnings of Christ.  My prayers are with the ministry, that it continues to be able to help people like myself to find truth and direct lost souls to Christ. Praise God!  The ministry is in my prayers daily, that it will flourish and bring more and more people to Christ.  In Christian love, Texas Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Please enroll me in your free Bible study program.  I would also like to receive your newsletter and a copy of "The Great Controversy", if possible.  Thank you!  Sincerely, Illinois Prison


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