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Dear Sirs,

   I would like to have one of your Bible Study Courses, please.  I am a babe in Christ and I am seeking all that I can learn in God's Word.  One of your students gave me the address to write to you.  Thank you, and may God continue to bless your ministry.  Florida Prison


Pastor Berwick,

   In these last moments of time I want you to know that you and those who help you at HMLM are in my heart and I owe you all so much for the years of support and comfort you have given me.  Everything seems to be out of sorts in this prison.  Jesus must be coming soon.  Oh, how I wish this suffering were over!  Thank you for your Christian love and for fighting the good fight!  In Christ, Illinois Prison


Dear Friend,

   Thank you for making me feel more than welcome in this Bible course.  I haven't been reading the Bible very long.  I gave my life to God about two months ago.  It was on my birthday and I was in jail, but it was the best birthday of my life!  I want to thank His Marvelous Light Ministries for helping me learn the Word of God.  If I have gotten any of the questions on my lesson wrong, please send them back and I will be more than happy to try again.  These Bible studies mean more to me than you could ever know.  God bless you and your family.  I could write a 100-page letter thanking you and it wouldn't be enough.  Thanks! Louisiana Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Please continue sending me your monthly newsletter, "The Present Truth".  It is extremely informative and I sincerely hope to get it for another year.  Your featured commentary by Pastor David J. Berwick is very clear and short enough so as to not be confusing.  The Holy Scriptures are filled with instructions that we cannot afford to disregard.  If all we have to do is "believe", then the Bible would only be two pages long instead of a thousand!  Your world news, booklets, and your compassion for those of us in prison sets your ministry above and beyond those that I call "mainstream"!  I also would like to mention that the doctrines you teach are what I read in the Bible.  The confusing question is, Why can't others see it?  In closing, in sharing the booklets you've sent to me, virtually all of them are not in my hands anymore.  I pray that they have become seeds that have sprouted.  Would you please send me a few more?  Thank you so very much.  Louisiana Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministry,

   I found your address on a list which is provided to inmates and am hoping you will be able to assist me.  I am presently being held at this facility; however, prior to this experience, I was a member of a church in northeastern PA.  During my time in New York, I served as a volunteer chaplain with the Department of Corrections.  I have been involved in ministry, particularly prison ministry, for over 10 years, and with my local church for more than 40 years.  While being detained here to get my life back on track, I have begun Bible classes here where the inmates are most interested in the Sabbath and end-time events.  Thus, my request to you.  I would appreciate it greatly if you could provide me with a paperback copy of "Daniel and the Revelation" and "The Great Controversy".  Thanking you in advance for whatever you are able to do.  God bless! Puerto Rico Prison


Dear Sir or Mrs.,

   Please send me the free book "The Great Controversy" by E.G. White.  Praise the Lord, and have a great new year!  Sincerely yours, Indiana Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I am very glad to have Christ as my personal Saviour and my Lord.  I am really enjoying these lessons.  At first, it appears that Revelation is hard and unable to be understood.  But I have been able to get a clearer grasp on the events and all the symbols because of these lessons.  I think the Bible is for us to understand and when I understand Scripture, it really helps me to live my life with confidence in God.  I look forward to each lesson, and enjoy digging in, often going over the studies again when corrected and while waiting for the next lesson.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  In Christ, California Prison


Dear Friends,

   Thank you for your generosity in sending me the book "The Great Controversy".  Honestly, I have not read it yet; my personal life and Bible readings have taken most of my time.  As I increase in godly discipline I am also trying to increase my knowledge and spiritual understanding.  It is a blessing to have such studies available to us!  God bless you!  Here is a small monetary gift.  This is my limit now.  But as God raises me up and "enlarges my territory", I hope to be able to do more.  Peace and love in our Lord Jesus!  Sincerely, Michigan Prison



   I've asked a lot of questions, and always say what I feel.  You all have always taken the time to answer my questions and show me why you all feel the way you do.  Tears fill my eyes as I write this, for I feel your love as I do Christ's love, too!  Thank you all for caring and for sharing God's love!  My prayers are with you all.  Love, your brother in Christ, Texas Prison


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