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Dear HMLM,

   Good evening fine and decent people!  How are ya'll?  Once again you have lifted the basked of darkness from trying to cover His Marvelous Light.  Chalk another victory up for God!  God must be guiding your hands when it comes to giving these lessons!  That ol' dragon is highly upset with you already, and you made him even madder with this lesson!! I have heard through the "Protestant religions" that the law was nailed to the cross with Jesus.  I have argued vehemently for a few years that this was not the case.  I didn't know exactly where to go in Scripture, I just knew I had read it, and that the Holy Spirit had given me the correct knowledge and understanding.  Through my lack of knowing exactly where a Scripture rested, to prove my point, Satan was having a field day.  And then "POW", you give him one - right in the kisser!  Thank ya'll for such a wonderful lesson, and a fistful of Scriptures that I can now memorize and utilize to fight that ol' serpent next time he comes around!  Sincerely, A brother in Christ, Texas Prison


Thank you at HMLM,

   May God always bless you and your work and concern for those that are lost or have fallen, to share what God can do and will do in their lives, or should I say, what He has already done.  Glory be to God!  Louisiana Prison


To His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I am currently incarcerated in a state prison, and a brother in Christ told me about your Bible studies and gave me your address.  Could you please send me some Bible studies?  May the Lord bless you and your ministries and please keep us brothers in Christ here in this prison in prayer.  Thank you!  California Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Thank you again for your dedication to us!  I know times can get hard.  Always keep in mind this thought:  I am more than conqueror because greater is Christ in me than Satan outside of me.  Besides, Jesus said that I will receive my reward for helping His pastors and teachers, prophets, and evangelists.  Now think of this:  How many of those called to the ministries are we helping in prison?  I personally have seen and do know at least 4 of such, aside of God's ministry I'm being equipped for.  The Spirit works when the flesh fails.  Blessed be God, our Lord Jesus Christ!  Michigan Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I enjoyed the first Bible study guide and it was very interesting.  I got a lot out of it!  I'm ready for the next lesson to better my relationship with Jesus Christ and to understand His requirements for salvation.  I also heard about this great book from a good friend of mine that I would love to have and read.  It is called "The Desire of Ages", please.  Thank you all, and God bless you all.  Louisiana Prison


Dear Pastor Berwick and Staff,

   I received the tracts that you sent.  Thank you for them!  I put some of them in the chapel, and the people are taking them from the chapel.  The Holy Spirit is moving on their hearts to read them.  So as we see the working of the Lord's hands moving upon this camp, Satan is moving back his forces.  May the Lord truly bless you all for everything you are doing in the world.  From a brother in the service of the Lord, Florida Prison


Dear Saints in Christ's Righteousness,

   Thank you all so much!!  I received the books you sent me, and it seems like everyone around me is reading a "Great Controversy" or "Steps to Christ".  I was just sending a "Great Controversy" down to an intelligent Muslim inmate and we needed a hand, so a Cuban got the book and took a look at it and asked if the book comes in Spanish!  Amen!  He can hardly speak any English, so He asked for one in Spanish.  Please send one to him for me.  Thank you!  Illinois Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Just wanted to let you know I consider all of you as my spiritual brothers and sisters who led me to the Lord and helped feed the hunger in my soul without all the worldly religious games I see the Protestant churches playing today.  I'm so thankful that God chose to reveal His love and truth to a lowly man like me.  Pastor Berwick, your ministry and all the beautiful brothers and sisters who support it with their money and labor have saved some souls here with your unselfish love.  You led several to the Lord without even knowing it.  You'll find souls in heaven telling you about HMLM being behind their conversion.  You'd have to be a lost convict, stuck in the beasts cesspool, lonely and helpless... then have a totally unknown group of people bring life to you with their unselfish love... A person has to be there before they can possibly know how it feels.  I came to prison to die - alone.  Now here I am leading others to the Messiah and have found eternal life!!  A big "thank you" to ALL of you!  In Christ, Utah Prison


Dear Sirs,

   I would be most blessed and pleased if you would enroll me in your His Marvelous Light Ministries' Bible Correspondence Course.  It's the one that I can earn a beautiful gold-rimmed certificate and a most precious book by E.G. White called "The (New, Illustrated) Great Controversy".  I had a chance to skim through one and fell in love with it!  I can't wait for my first lesson.  Please hurry!  Thank you!  May God bless you.  Sincerely, Texas Prison


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