His Marvelous Light,

   I am interested in taking your Bible studies, and I would like to receive an edition of your large-print King James Version Bible.  May God bless you!  Thanking you in advance ~ Louisiana Prison


Dear Pastor Berwick and Staff,

   Greetings!  Thank you all so much for this great tool to cut down the false and lift up the banner of truth ever higher!  This [Bible] is great!  Now a guy can go to the day room, take a seat, and wait for Jesus and His angels to bring on the lost sheep!  The "topics" are there to use and there is no excuse for even the youngest Bible student enrolled in your correspondence course!  I am so glad to have watched our precious Jesus guide and strengthen those of you who have had a goal and mission at HMLM.  Wow, it's amazing what God can do with a few hundred pounds of flesh and a SPIRIT that's out of this world!  I'm so happy that this Bible came in and was really going wild with holy zeal when I read that one of those 5,000 Bibles had my name on it!  I can hear the angels rejoicing!  It's in the air.  We are about to cash in on our reservations in heaven, and throw away the keys, AMEN!  Truly, your brother in Christ, Illinois Prison


Dear Marvelous Light Ministries,

   In prayer I hope this letter finds everyone doing well.  I'm an incarcerated inmate at this unit that has found my way to Christ, and am sharing His words.  In my request of writing is that may you please donate me one of your books entitled "The Great Controversy" please, as well as your Bible study lessons?  Thank you!  May you keep my family and I in your prayers.  Sincerely, Maryland Prison


Dear Bible Instructor,

   Believing the Bible and so many rewards for those of us who seek after the likeness of the Spirit of Christ Jesus, but we must continue to pray for the strength of faith, as we make this daily walk towards salvation.  We must constantly read and re-read these precious words, believing these promises whole-heartedly, as the true words of God Almighty, in Jesus' holy name!  I also have faith in His Marvelous Light Ministries, that they are also an inspired teacher of the words of God, who are giving people like myself a chance to learn the truths of the Bible, in a step by step way.  Praise God for the likes of each of you.  Florida Prison


Dear HMLM,

   First off let me start off with a big hello to my brothers and sisters at His Marvelous Light Ministries.  Also, if there is a mailing list, please put me on it.  I'm writing to ask you if you could send me the book "The Great Controversy".  I am in prison, and a brother of mine has shown me this book that he is reading, and has told me of how great it is!  He also told me to write you and ask for my own copy, if you could send me one.  Please pray for me.  I go through a lot of trials and it's not easy but it's so much better now.  Sincerely yours in Christ, California Prison


His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   God bless you!  I'm sending you my tithes again in the sweetest name I know (Jesus).  I've been having problems with my religious mail here at this institution because these people don't play fair.  But you know the devil has already lost and Jesus has already won!  God bless! Virginia Prison


Hi Pastor Berwick,

   I have been a student of His Marvelous Light Ministries for over five years, and I have learned more in that time than in all my years as a Christian.  I am 60 years old, and was brought up in the Catholic faith.  I have taken all your lessons available, including the advanced Bible course!  If you have any more courses, please send them to me!  Keep up the good work!  I love you all very much, and pray for you on my knees every day!  Your friend and brother in Christ, Texas Prison


Dear Helpers and Warriors for Christ,

   I hope this finds you in His comfort and grace.  I am writing to express a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful books, Bible study enrollment forms, and bookmarks that you recently donated to our library and inmates here at this facility.  On behalf of all who will come to benefit from your help, - "Thank you"!  Any future donations you may offer will be equally appreciated with humility, so keep us in mind and if you are seeking a recipient in another several months, we would be super glad to be on your list.  May God continue to bless all you do and may He expand your boundaries greatly.  Our challenges are great, but our Source of strength is supreme!  In His grip, Chaplain, Colorado Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Hello!  I want to thank you for the "Present Truth" newsletter.  It continues to be a beacon of hope in this place of darkness.  Thank you so much!  In Christ, California Prison


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