Kenya, Africa

   "I want to thank you all very much for all your endeavors for us, and for your consecrated efforts towards the on-going missionary work here in Kenya and Uganda.  Here in Kenya the Holy Spirit is touching the homes of people with the truth that is in the Bible.

   "Here in Kenya the denominational churches are enraged with the small groups worshiping in home churches.  The booklets you sent are working greatly in destroying and tearing down the kingdom of the enemy.  Please send as many booklets and Bibles as possible!  If funds from supporters are available, these are of great necessity!

   "I visited some people whom I had sent one of the booklets you sent to me, and praise God, the whole group of 12 adults and 18 children have decided to work with us in order to sound the 'loud cry' message!  They have also decided to separate from the sinful habits in their lives and also from those denominations that are in willful sin, and are now worshiping in their homes!

   "The first picture below was taken at a hospital where we distributed many of His Marvelous Light Ministries' booklets and Bibles to the sick patients.  The second picture was taken during a day where we had the privilege of baptizing over 250 people into Christ's true church - His body of commandment-keeping people!  The third picture was taken in our local area where we held a meeting and distributed more of HMLM's booklets to the attendees.  20 more people accepted Christ as their Saviour!  The fourth picture shows just a few of the many people who received HMLM's booklets, accepted Christ into their lives, and were baptized!  All glory and honor to God!

   "As you can see, God is working mightily here in Kenya, and we appreciate the many thousands of booklets and Bibles you have sent to us.  But, God's work is continually expanding and we still need many more materials to pass out to the people, for the people are hungering and thirsting for truth!  Please help us, as you are able.  Your servant in Christ, ~ Kenya"

   By God's grace, and through the faithful support of dedicated workers for Christ, His Marvelous Light Ministries was able to send this young pastor a shipment of Bibles, witnessing booklets, and tracts to distribute among his congregation and local neighbors.  But there are MANY more requests just like this that, due to low funds, we have been unable to fill.  If the Lord touches your heart in this area, please feel free to donate to this most worthy, soul-saving cause, so that as many precious souls as possible may have the opportunity to hear the truth and accept the Lord into their hearts!  Any gift, however small, can result in giving a person the most valuable gift of all - eternal life!