Dear Christian Friends,

   Hello!  I want to really thank you and tell you how blessed I am to have been able to do and finish the first HMLM Bible Study Course.  Also, thank you for the beautiful certificate!  I'll always treasure it as a high point in my life.  I will hang it up at home when I get out of prison.  I'm also very excited and very honored to be able to be allowed to do the HMLM Advanced Bible Study Course.  I know that through doing it I'll grow stronger in my faith and in the wisdom and knowledge of God's Word and in His plans for my life.  I've truly 100% unconditionally given my life to the Lord.  I've given my life as a living sacrifice to the Lord, that His will can be done in my life and in others.  Thank you, and may the Lord bless you always! In Christ, Colorado Prison

Dear Pastor Berwick and Staff,

   Thank you so much for the prison package and the first lesson in the Bible study.  I really enjoyed the Bible-based lesson and am eagerly waiting to see what is in the next one.  With this letter I am enclosing my completed first lesson for your correction and comment.  From what comes with the prison package and what I have read in your newsletter, I can see that a lot of serious thought has gone into the ministry.  Surely you are spoken of in Matthew 25:31-40.  Thank you again!  May the grace and peace of our Lord be with you.  Yours in Christ, California Prison

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

   Thank you for the wonderful study.  These studies are one of the greatest I've experienced!  In the basic studies you are not really required to express yourself or go to Scriptural texts.  This study requires both, which is the best!  We should always study according to Scripture and not according to man's assumptions.  I also want to thank you for the book "The Great Controversy".  My eyes have been opened tremendously by this book!  I have had a big obstacle of pride concerning the Word, but after reading of the boldness and humility of the Reformers, such as Martin Luther, William Miller, E.G. White, and others, it makes my situations seem like nothing and helps me to stand tall and desire to express the same boldness for my Lord and Savior, and His truth! You are all in my prayers!  In the love of Christ, Texas Prison

HML Ministry Staff,

   Well, praise God, and thanks to you, for another fine Bible study!  Another wonderful chance to look into the Word, and be blessed by the very God Himself!  Hallelujah!  I'm writing this note to confess that in spite of my initial prejudices, I am feeling differently about the Sabbath.  When I began these studies with you all, I was thoroughly steeped in that Sunday tradition, the Law had passed, etc.  I tend to speak my mind, and disagree with a lot of interpretations, but with this subject of the Sabbath, I'll really have to do some digging!  Anyway, God bless you, and may He meet all your needs.  In brotherly love, Texas Prison

To Whom it May Concern,

   Hello!  I'm presently incarcerated, and I'm respectfully writing to you requesting the FREE "Great Controversy" you have advertised, along with your free Bible Correspondence Course, and a King James Bible to do the course.  Please send these items at your earliest possible convenience!  Thank you folks very much for your prompt attention in this matter.  In Jesus' precious name, Connecticut Prison

Dear Sirs,

   Thank you so much for the book "Entering Armageddon".  It goes very well with my Bible study lesson!  Mrs. White [the author] goes into great detail, leaving no doubt about God's Word!  I appreciate so much your ministry and feel that God has truly blessed it, along with a loving, caring, and genuinely sincere staff.  God bless and keep you all!  In Christ, Texas Prison

Dear HMLM,

   First of all I give all glory, honor, and praise to God for His merciful kindness with thanksgiving for our many blessings and for ministries such as HMLM who continue to be a lifeline to the thousands of us behind bars throughout America, and all over the world!  I have heard that you offer a book called "The Great Controversy".  All who have it rave about its information and refuse to part with it.  I have listed the names of the men who make up our small study group.  We ask that you would send each of us a copy of that book, along with a large print Bible.  God bless you continually, and thank you from all of us! In Christ, Louisiana Prison


   I would love to start your Bible studies, so I can get a better understanding of the Bible.  I don't have a Bible, either, so could you please help me with one of those, too?  I would also really appreciate a copy of the book called "The Great Controversy".  I hear it is really good!  Thank you very much for all your help.  May God bless you! Texas Prison

Dear Staff of HMLM,

   Thank you for this very beautiful certificate of completion for the Bible Correspondence Course!  YES!  I am very interested in taking the advanced Bible study course!  Please enroll me right away!  I certainly have kept the faith in Spirit and diligently pray for HMLM that many more sinners as myself, will open the door and receive everlasting life with Jesus Christ!  Keep up the great victory of our salvation.  Since my studies from HMLM, I have increased in wisdom and knowledge and have been encouraged to share my testimony with others!  Glory, honor, and praise to Jesus! Love, Texas Prison


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