Dear Pastor and Staff,

   Thank you so much for the prison package and the first lesson in the Bible study.  I really enjoyed the Bible based lesson and am eagerly waiting to see what is in the next one.  With this letter I am enclosing my completed first lesson for your correction and comment.  From what comes with the prison package and what I have read in your newsletter, I can see that a lot of serious thought has gone into this ministry.  I thank God and praise Him for guiding me to HMLM.  Surely you are spoken of in Matthew 25:31-40.  Thank you again! In Christ, California Prison

Dear Brother or Sister,

   I am writing to ask if you have a Bible study course that me, a newborn child of God can begin, study, and grow in the true teaching of the living Word of our Father God.  I am allowed to receive all Christian material through religious organizations such as His Marvelous Light.  I hope to hear from you soon!  Thank you!  Yours in Christ, New York Prison

Praise God!

   I have long believed that people were in error who reject God's food laws, saying that they are part of the old covenant.  These laws were to keep God's people healthy!  I love ham and pork, but I abstain from it because God has instructed us how to keep up our bodies!  Once again, I find that His Marvelous Light Ministries is one of the few which teach the truth!  I love the lessons and the encouragement that you all have given me.  Thank you!  In Christ, Texas Prison

Dear Friends,

   You probably already know, but you all are a vital part of my life!  Not primarily because of my situation, no!  I actually feel the love you radiate as a member of the body of Christ!  I hope to be able to be in the same service to Christ as you are - to reach out to people who very often need a word of encouragement, from someone capable of giving the love that God knew someday they would need.  How blessed are you today?  Very -  you're in His marvelous light!  Love always, Texas Prison

Dear Friend,

   I recently received a Bible from you, and I would like to thank you for your kindness.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing that God is in my life, and no matter what happens, I now know that He will always be there when we need Him.  Thank you again!  God bless you.  Sincerely, Florida Prison

Dear Ones in Christ,

   Thank you for your lovely letter.  I have been moved into the dorms, but I still see my Christian brother who was my last cell mate.  God has blessed me so much.  I finally got to have a visit with my wife.  Even though it was only for two hours, it felt like two days because we worked out all of our bad past and started anew!  We prayed with each other for the first time since we have been married.  It felt so good and the Holy Spirit was flowing through us!  On another note, please enroll me in your advanced Bible study course!  I enjoyed very much the first course that I completed, and am looking forward to the advanced one.  My prayers are always with you at HMLM.  You have always been there for me.  Thank you!  In Christian love, Texas Prison

Dear Brethren in Christ,

   Hello!  I am incarcerated, and am reading one of your handbooks pertaining to the truth of the beginnings of the world church (Catholics - papacy) and see that you have sent many of them to an inmate here of various topics.  Would you please mail to me the whole collection of all your booklets, and the Great Controversy book too?  Also, if you could spare a large print Bible I would appreciate it, for my eyes aren't very good now.  I wish to thank you for making available the truth of which I had never known till now!  May the Lord richly bless you for helping me.  In Christ, Louisiana Prison

Dear HMLM Staff,

   Thank you so much for this Bible study lesson, I really learned a lot from it!  Please pray for me to become the person God wants me to be, and also that if God wills, I will get to go home on December 29 or sooner.  Amen!  Thank you, and God bless HMLM for feeding the 'sheep'!  In Christ, Texas Prison

Dear Staff of HMLM,

   I appreciate the certificate you sent me and I would like to do your advanced Bible study.  I enjoy doing your Bible lessons, and I would like to keep on going, so please enroll me right away in the advanced course.  It is good to keep on studying the words of Jesus Christ.  I know His Marvelous Light is doing good work all over the world.  Please keep up the good work, and may Jesus Christ bless you all!  Your brother in Christ, Texas Prison


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