Dear HMLM,

   I would like to participate in your Bible Study Course.  I have been incarcerated now for nearly 5 years.  I have completed several Bible studies during this time in my pursuit to better understand God's Word and how to better apply it to my life.  I have been, however, looking for a Bible course that offers some more advanced teachings, and have thus been directed to you.  Thank you for your time.  God bless you as you minister in Jesus' name!  With love in Christ, California Prison

Dear HMLM,

   I pray God is blessing your ministry and all of you there who do good in His name.  I am trying real hard to grow up in Christ by accepting His partnership.  With Christ Jesus in my heart and life I can heal my brokeness by learning to love God and be healed by His love.  I enjoy your free monthly newsletter and last year at Christmas an inmate gave me a calendar from your ministry which has been a comfort to read and keep me reminded that God created time, me, and everything else.  What I would like to know is do you send calendars and other materials to prisoners who use them to enhance their spirit and get into the Word with?  I wasn't going to write until I saw the book offered called "God's Health Prescription".  This sounded so made to order as God has helped me to have reason now to take care of myself!  I've joined an aerobics group, lift weights, and am quitting smoking!  Praise God!  I am so grateful for you all there.  I wish all at HMLM a Merry Christmas, and a bright and blessed New Year!  God bless you in Jesus, Pennsylvania Prison

Dear HMLM,

   I am writing to request your Free Bible Correspondence Course as advertised in the paperback book "The Great Controversy".  The book was a gift from a fellow pastor.  I recently received my ordination as a pastor, but I feel your Bible study course would be an assett to my ministry.  Your book "The Great Controversy" was the first I've ever seen of its kind!  I expected a fictional work with a Christian theme, but your book is practical and Scriptural!  I know if your Bible study course is the same way, I really need it!  I would also like to request any study materials that could be useful in teaching others.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you and God bless you!  Texas Prison

Dear HMLM,

   I thank you all for the gift that you all sent me, and I love you so much for that!  All these treasure books I have to work with!  My hear and soul goes out to you all.  I cannot stop praising God for what you all have given me!  I love you all for this, because without these books and studies I would be lost!  You all helped me to find myself through the Lord Jesus Christ!  I am a paralytic, but I know He'll let me walk again one day because He has the power to do so!  If I just have faith, He will make a way!  I get out soon, and pray that you all will be able to keep helping me even after I'm released, cause I'm going to need lots of help and prayers!  May God bless you and keep you all for the day He comes! Louisiana Prison

Dear Brothers and Sisters of HMLM,

   Satan is busy once again, as you can tell by the audio tapes and books that were refused by this prison and returned to you.  He just doesn't want the truth of God's undefiled Word!  I have no idea why they suddenly decided to send the weekly church service tapes back, except that it's just a plain fact they sincerely hate the Word of God!  Why else would anyone desire to keep it from prisoners who need it!  The tapes and books you've sent have helped God build a little group of believers here that not only hear the Word but DO it!  Anyway, thank you for all you do.  I and the other brothers here sincerely appreciate each of you and thank God for your unselfish love for us.  In Christ Jesus' name, Utah Prison

Dear HMLM,

   Hello!  I am a Chaplain at this institution.  Our religious department here operates on a limited budget.  Due to this fact, almost all of our ministry materials comes from the gifts received from concerned ministries and or publishers such as you.  It is with this in mind that I am appealing to you for help!  I would like to take this opportunity to ask if you would be willing or able to send us a free donation of books, cassettes, CD's, videos, and other materials you may have available that we may offer to men here through our religious library?  At the present we have approximately 1600 men here at this unit, and these materials would bea tremendous blessing as well as an excellent learning tool.  I know that the men would love to have them!  Any consideration you could give this request would be deeply appreciated!  My prayer is that God will direct you and would continue to bless you and your daily relationship with Him!  Thank you! Chaplain, Florida Prison

Dear HMLM,

   Thank you so much for your swiftness of getting the pamphlets that I ordered to me.  We must get the word out to the people that are still in confusion (Babylon) and you are the only ministry that I know of that turns an order around and gets it back to the destination within one weeks time!  Thank you for the hardworking individuals who are volunteering their time to do this work.  This is evidence of the Holy Spirit at work!  I also would like to thank you for sending my brothers, sister, and my wife a copy of "The Great Controversy" plus a couple of pamphlets I ordered for them.  They are all Christians now, with my wife being recently converted to Jesus Christ!  Praise God!  A true answer to prayer!  I also would like to thank you on the blessing I'm receiving through your Bible study course.  It is unlike any other!  Very well thought out and put together. I'm looking forward to the next lesson!  Thank you! Florida Prison

Dear HML Staff,

   I just wanted to write and share with you my short story.  I believe you are totally in the will of the Lord and in line with His work!  You see, I was in great need of a Bible, and also my eyes are very poor, so I cannot see regular sized print very well.  I didn't tell you this, but you sent me out of the goodness of your hearts a giant print Bible, along with several booklets!! It brought tears to my eyes!  You are a part of my family, the family of God!  I finally belong to somebody that loves me!  You have shown me this repeatedly, and its awesome!  God bless you His Marvelous Light Ministries staff!  In Christ, Texas Prison

Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I went before the board of prison terms to attempt to obtain my freedom from within these walls, but they denied my request and told me to come back next year.  I have been incarcerated for almost 25 years!  My faith continues to become stronger and stronger each day though.  I am thankful for your Bible studies and I will continue in my learning.  My prayers are for you all.  Your sister in Christ, California Prison


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