Dear HMLM,

  I would like to know more about your ministry, and I would like to add that I thank God for people like you Christians whom, through Christ, have saved another life from suicide, and another soul from the enemy.  Thank you so much!  A child in Christ, TX

Dear Instructor,

  I want to thank each of you for being a true disciple of Christ and spreading His word because if it was not for people like you all seeking to do the will of God, then people like myself would not be able to do these Bible studies and learn God's word.  Texas

Brothers and Sisters,

  Thank you again for the Bible study.  I truly enjoy it.  I tried another but they taught doctrines of their church instead of God's word.  That's one reason I love HMLM's studies. It's the BIBLE!  Thank you also for the fantastic books for my spiritual growth! Yours-Utah

Dear HMLM,

  Greetings!  I want to thank you all there for the book I received called "The Great Controversy".  It is truly a blessing!  I now understand the Sabbath!  Praise God!  May God continue to bless each of you and your families. Texas

Dear HMLM,

  I was surprised to see how personal your responses are.  It is not every day that inmates see Someone really taking an interest!  Thank you!  I want very much to continue this study program when I get out, so please send my next lesson to my 'free-world' address.  Louisiana

Dear Staff,

  I was surprised to receive such a beautiful certificate of completion for my Bible study course!  Thank you!  I must admit that I was a bit disappointed that the course was completed!  I am going to impose on you, however, once again! I enjoyed the first course so much that I would love to continue with the advanced one!  Thank you! Texas

Dear HMLM,

  These Bible lessons have really been a blessing to me, as I have learned more about God in five lessons than my whole life!  To be honest, I've never picked up the Bible and actually studied its words and meanings.  My heart was really hardened for quite a few years after entering prison.  I now know that freedom comes from Jesus Christ!  Your brother in Christ, GA

Dear Friends,

  Thank you for the book and the Bible!  They are real blessings!  These are an answer to my prayers!  The Bible is beautiful!  Sometimes I ask God to show me my guardian angel.  He definitely shows me, by way of literature!  Thank you Lord!  Enclosed is a coupon filled out for my brother in Christ.  He's interested in your Bible course, and a Bible.  Thank you again! Louisiana

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

  Today we as God's people are in the time of the end.  Those that keep the Sabbath day, which is a sign that we belong to Jesus, are under persecution.  The Roman Church is fast gaining ground, and taking over the government of the United States.  I said to myself, how much time is left before probation closes?!  May the Lord help us all in these end times!  Florida


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