To Whom it May Concern,

   I'm writing to request a King James Version Bible, also the Bible correspondence course, along with a copy of "The Great Controversy".  I'm trying to get a better understanding of religion, and get to know our Father much better on a personal level.  Your kindness in considering this matter shall be greatly appreciated!  Thanks! California Prison

My Fellow Laborers in Christ,

   I count it a joy and a blessing to be able to write to yet another branch of the body of Christ.  I'm writing, after being informed by another out-reach ministry, to request your free Bible correspondence course.  I will continue to pray for the furtherance of His Marvelous Light, that God will continue to add a blessing of increase to your success!  Florida Prison

Dear HMLM Staff,

   I am very sorry to read of all the denominations flirting with the papacy.  As the book "Rome's Challenge" makes clear, Rome will only accept their mark of allegiance - Sunday keeping.  To compromise now invites disaster.  Daniel and his friends did not compromise on the little things, which enabled them to later not compromise on the larger aspects of worshiping the true God of heaven!  My prayer is that more learn the truth about the Sabbath!  Texas Prison


   I'm writing to request enrollment in your free Bible correspondence course that you offer.  I have a life sentence with a lot of time on my hands, and it is my intention to study the will of God in my life, and to learn of Him.  Where I didn't seem to have time before my incarceration, I now find I have all the time I need to accomplish the studies I should have done years ago!  Thank you for everything! Georgia Prison

Dear Brother,

   I received your name and address from a Christian friend of mine, and as I am just a baby in Christ, I would like to enroll in your free Bible study course.  I would greatly appreciate this very much!  I want to thank you for your time in this matter, and I hope to hear from you soon!  Florida Prison

Dear HMLM,

   Praise God once again in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! I was prompted again to write by the Spirit when I saw the encouraging words on my study.  Thank you so much!  I didn't want to admit that I believed that when we die we go to be with God at the point of death.  I'm still growing!!  I'm seeking God's face in many things.  I'm really studying the 144,000, the mystery of godliness, and more.  Keep me in your prayers, you're always in mine!  Louisiana Prison

Dear Sirs,

   I received your address from another ministry in Oregon.  I would like to receive your free Bible studies, and any other material you can send me.  Thank you!  Montana Prison

Dear HMLM Bible Instructor,

   Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers, as life sure gets hard to follow the right way in this prison, as others are constantly watching my every move, waiting for me to make a mistake!  Thank you for your correspondence.  I really do believe you all at HMLM do care and are really committed to God's work.  God bless you, and keep you.  In Christ, Texas Prison

Dear Sir or Madam,

   I understand that, upon request, I may receive a free copy of "The Desire of Ages" and "The Great Controversy" from your ministry.  I would appreciate a copy of these books as I am diligently pursuing the truth.  Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you!  Colorado Prison


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