To Whom it May Concern,

   If it's possible, may I please have a Bible in large print?  I have to borrow one when I want to read.  My eyes are a little bad, that's why I'm asking for a large print King James Version Bible, please.  Thank you dearly, and God bless you.  I also would like a Bible study guide, please.  Thank you! Louisiana Prison


Dear Friends,

   I would like to be a part of your organization and study group.  A friend of mine in here told me about you and gave me your address.  I would like to receive what ever paperwork or enrollment forms you require to join and receive your courses.  Please rush your forms to me so that I can get started learning more about our Lord.  Thank you very much!  Florida Prison

   Note to Readers:  We do not have any forms to fill out.  When someone asks to be a part of the Bible Correspondence Course, their first lesson is rushed to them right away!  So, there are no waiting periods necessary with useless forms and paperwork!



   A very friendly fellow inmate shared your address with me and told me you would be willing to send me your Bible Study Correspondence Course.  Please do so, as soon as you can, because my release date is coming soon.  For this reason, I am so glad that your Bible study course is not just for prisoners, but also for free-world people, too!  So, I hope to be able to continue my studies from an apartment in the area I will be paroling to.  This fellow inmate told me that the Bible Study course you offer is one of the finest he's seen;  I've never taken a Bible study course, so I'm anxious to start.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Sincerely in Christ, California Prison


Dear Fellow Soldiers,

   May His grace truly be sufficient for you and His mercies great.  I am writing in hopes of obtaining information about the items you may supply us in our ministry here at this facility.  We are seeking a source for calendars, bookmarks, and are always looking for books to build our library with.  This is a relatively new and still struggling facility, housing about 2,500 men of various faith groups and custody levels.  All chaplains are volunteers and materials are obtained through donation only.  There is no budget for such things from the state.  Anything you may do for us along these lines will be very much appreciated, and well used.  The struggle is intense and the fields are ripe.  With our limited finances, we can only do so much.  We intend to use the materials you provide for our new program called "Life Learning Dorm" where up to 96 men are voluntarily living in one unit, pursuing godly lives "24/7".  Thank you in advance!  In His grip, Chaplain, Colorado Prison



   I'm interested in taking your Bible study courses.  I also read a copy of a book you give out, and I would like to get a copy of my own, if possible.  It was called "The Great Controversy".  I thank you for your time and any help you can give me.  Thank you!  Michigan Prison


Dear Bible Instructor,

   I would just like to say God bless you!  These Bible studies have really encouraged my spirit, and I thank the Lord for people like you all that reach out and touch the world like you do, because I am just a sinner in jail, but through the grace of God, I have found some kind of peace with the Lord's help, and I just want to say God bless.  If you have any other Bible material, can you send it to me?  With the Lord's will, I will cherish it and pray that it gives me wisdom and understanding beyond what I got.  God bless you.  Delaware Prison



   I have just recently accepted the Lord as my Saviour, but I have this friend who gave me this address.  He said that you all would send me Bible study courses to get to know the Lord better.  And, could you please send me the "Great Controversy" book?  I thank you so very much for your time.  Yours truly, Arkansas Prison


Dear Sir,

   I am currently incarcerated an am interested in your Bible correspondence course.  Since good religious reading material is very limited at this center, any other literature of this nature would be immensely appreciated!  Thank you!  Sincerely, Oklahoma Prison



   I was talking to an inmate here at this unit and he told me about a book called "The Great Controversy".  If you could please send me a copy of this book so I can read it, I'd appreciate it!  Also, please send me a list of other books you have available.  Thank you.  In Christ, Texas Prison


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