Friends in Christ,

     Once again thank you for the lesson.  It came at a time I need Christ the most!  I would like to enroll a new member in your study.  His life is in a downfall, and I know he wants Christ in his life.  I do pray for each man here, and also for the people who bless us with these studies.  Thank you Lord!          LA Prison

Dear Instructor,

I enjoyed this lesson very much!  Thank you also for the beautiful certificate [for completing the first course]! I also appreciate the letter you sent to the Commissioner on my behalf.  May God bless each of you!           TX Prison



Greetings in the name of Jesus!

    Today has started off wonderful.  The Lord has blessed me with life - a life free of sickness, and I thank Him for it!  I desire to help show my two sisters the life they may have in Christ.  Please pray for me on this.  All of you at HMLM have been a blessing to me.  Thank you! TX Prison


Dear HMLM,

     Thank you for the prayers for me and my family.  I still have not heard from my two brothers or sister, or my mother.  I know things are a lot faster out there in the world than behind these fences so I just put all in the hands of my Lord.  I enjoy reading the newsletters you send me.  Please keep them coming!  Thanks for all you do!             TX Prison

Dear Friends,

     It sure was good to hear from you once more.  These lessons are a lot of fun and very informative!  Thanks for the love and guidance!  Thanks also for taking the time to answer the four questions I sent in my previous lesson.  They were very helpful.  I pray God continues to keep all of you at HMLM in good health and spirits!  God bless!         TX Prison

Dear HMLM,

     I would like to thank His Marvelous Light Ministries for these wonderful Bible studies.  They have helped me out a lot and most of all learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ.  They also help me get more into the Bible.  I also have three more friends that are interested in taking this Bible study.  Enclosed is their information.  Thank you for everything, and May God bless!         TX Prison

Dear Staff,

   I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you all and everything that you have done for me.  So thank you all, and God bless your work! TX Prison

Dear HMLM,

     I do greatly enjoy your lessons.  Your correspondence course has given me much enlightenment on many Bible topics.  May God continue to bless the staff at HMLM and the wonderful work you are doing.  Your friend in Christ,       TX Prison

Dear HMLM,

     How very nice of you to write such a beautiful note!  I can't tell you how it filled my heart with joy.  Thanks, and God bless!          TX Prison


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