Dear HMLM,

   First of all, honor, praise, glory, and reverence to our Lord.  My mouth literally fell open when I saw this extremely beautiful certificate.  WOW!  I am so awe-struck!  Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!  I wish to continue on with the Advanced Bible Study Correspondence Course.  As my gift I would like the (New, Illustrated) Great Controversy.  That book is what drew my attention to your ministry at first because I tried to talk one of your veteran students out of his but he refused to part with it!  I am anxiously waiting to hear from you all soon! In God's glorious light, Texas Prison


Dear Sir,

   I would like to thank you for all that you've done for us.  Thank you for the videos that you have donated to us.  Here are some stamps I put in for you, just to say thanks again.  May God bless you all!  I hope the stamps help you some.  Your friend, California Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light,

   Grace and peace unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!  I would like to receive the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance as my gift for completing the Bible correspondence course.  You have already sent so many gifts, I thank you and all those who have supported prison ministry!  We are ready for another shipment of tracts and booklets to distribute.  We have noticed that in your newsletter there used to be only one or two occasional letters from California prisons, but lately this has been increasing.  We hope this is partly due to our efforts in cooperation with you.  We know that the materials we've distributed at this reception center have reached about six different prisons.  Thank you, and please enroll me in your advanced Bible Correspondence Course.  Your fellow servant, California Prison


Dear Sir / Madam,

   I have received the booklets through the mail, and I thank you very much for responding so quickly!  I must let you know that the books, in combination with the Holy Spirit, are already touching the hearts and consciences of all who read, including myself!  Most of the topics just serve as confirmation for me because I grew up learning of it.  Books that seem to get a lot of feedback are "Where To ... From Here?", "One Raptured ... The Other Left?", "Hell Fire, When and Where Is It?", "Is 'The Day' Really That Important?", and "The Coming One World Government".  Thank you, and God bless you richly.  Florida Prison


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful Concordance yall sent me for completing the Bible Correspondence Course.  It is a blessing the comes from God  as well as your ministry.  May the Lord God lead you all into everlasting habitations and may His grace, peace, and love be multiplied in each of yall's life.  Once again, I thank you for the Bible studies that are so helpful to me.  I thank God that He has people out there that are sincere concerning the counsel of His will, that all be done according to as Christ pleases.  We who do not have much but what ministries like you all send us, is of great help and spiritual riches!  I count my blessings which are many, and yall are one of them.  God bless you all! Thank you! Texas Prison


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

   I just had to tell every one of you how much joy it gives me to sit and ponder how good you have been to me in the name of the Lord.  That portion of your ministry has touched me to the core of my understanding and I thank God for you.  Praise God!  Thank you for the pamphlets.  They are surely doing their job of catching guys' attentions, as these are another side of the coin they haven't seen yet!  God bless each of you.  I love each of you in Christ, as my true family!  In Christ, Utah Prison


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   I have been enrolled in your Bible Study Correspondence Course for a while.  I was transferred to another facility, and unfortunately they did not forward my mail.  Please start me up where I last left off.  Also, please send me more booklets, as my new place of incarceration needs the Lord's work here!  I'm starting a new Bible group here, and need any help I can get.  I have left the farm (prison) and the Lord had blessed so many there with your help.  I was baptized three weeks ago, and the Lord has been just great!  Please pray for the work He has put ahead of me and to help me reach those who want Him in their life.  Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from my friends in Christ.  Your friend in Christ, Louisiana Prison


Dear Fellow Worker in Christ,

   Thank you so much for your previous gifts of Bibles and Study materials for the men incarcerated at this facility.  However, our supply of Bibles and books is incredibly low.  Many men have received your materials and we are seeing the fruit of your labors.  But, this is a transfer facility and so many men move through this unit.  It is my prayer that you would consider sending us any materials, books, or Bibles that you could spare as we are almost out.  We all want these men and women changed, but we must have the tools to be able to ministry effectively.  Please consider sending this prison your Bibles or materials so that we may be able to share the Word of God and make a difference for the Kingdom of God!  Thank you for considering this request.  May God prosper you in every way! In His service, Chaplain, Texas Prison


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   May the peace of God that passeth all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.  I am compelled to write to you after hearing about your wonderful work for the Lord.  I am deeply moved in the spirit to know that there's a remnant of the Lord out there, that is more concerned about the "blessee" than the blessing!  God needs more people like you that are willing to give, expecting nothing in return.  When you do this, you're seeking first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, and all your needs will be met; all things will be added unto you (Matt. 6:33).  Please send me your prison package.  It will be a great blessing in my temporary stay in this desert (prison).  May the Lord bless the works of your hands always and forevermore.  Sincerely in Christ, Pennsylvania Prison



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